Modern Radio Makes Waves

Business radio

Since the 1890s, radios have transformed the way we receive and dispense, or distribute, information and news. With the exception of newspapers, radios were the main source of information getting for decades. By the 1930s, more than 60 percent of American households had a radio. In response to this growing medium for communication (and advertising), advertising dollars spent on radio increased from $4.8 million in 1927 to $215.6 million in 1940.

Today, radio in all of its many glorious incarnations, including business radio talk shows, is still regarded as a very viable medium for the transfer of information and advertising dollars. Business radio talk shows, business news radio shows, and business radio online consistently boast strong listenership numbers. In fact, online radio streaming is on the rise, according to industry research. Satellite radio in particular offers another avenue for accessing business radio talk news from other markets and geographic regions that were previously inaccessible by traditional AM FM radio airwaves.

Surprisingly enough, most Americans claim to list to AM FM radio weekly. However, that number is on a slow decline. In 2001, 96 percent of respondents in a poll said they listened to AM FM radio; that number was down to 93 percent in 2011. Not a significant drop, but a decline all the same. Online streaming radio and satellite radio, including business radio talk shows, are partially to blame for this decline. Seventy million Americans claimed to tune into online radio at least monthly in 2010. That number leaped exponentially just one year later. Another factor, according to that same poll, is the advent of digital music. Cars, for example, were once the home of AM FM radio listening. Today, the car has taken one of the top slots in terms of where people listen to their digital music.

Fox business radio still exists through AM or FM frequencies. But its website and streaming content (both audio and visual) is steadily increasing in popularity. Other key trends in news media and business radio talk shows is the mobile and social media access to news. It appears that as more news outlets turn to digitizing their output, including business radio talk shows, more and more people will be getting their news from their mobile devices.

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