Most Americans Don’t Check Their Sewer Lines For Years What You Should Know

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Whether you’re currently paying off your loan or have been a homeowner for years, there are many architectural aspects you have to pay attention to in order to keep your house safe, efficient and beautiful. One of the most neglected home attributes is sewer lateral lining repair, or in layman’s terms, the inspecting and correcting of subtle cracks and leaks that accrue over time. While the hydro jetting cost and potential sewer and drain replacement charges can seem high now, neglecting to inspect and repair your pipes can cause major problems down the road! Let’s look below at some simple statistics on sewer problems, useful alternatives to repair and where you should get started today to avoid a potential leak or flood tomorrow.

Why Repair My Sewer Line?

Small cracks and dents in your sewer are the very definition of ‘a little goes a long way’! Some sewer lines have been around for decades, meaning your home could be in worse shape than what firsts meets the eye. Tree roots are one of the most common issues facing the average pipeline today, with roots that can grow up to three times the width of the tree’s crown. These gnarly plants can crack, bend and even break a pipe over time, which means routine repairs should be high on your priority list! Age is another factor, with older pipes more prone to weakness, rusting and cracks than newer models. A leaky or inefficient pipe can increase your water bill, reduce your heating efficiency and even cause a flood if not checked.

What About My Patio Or Deck?

A common problem many homeowners have when calling for sewer lateral lining repair services is dealing with the aftermath. Sewer repairs are expensive enough without calling for a landscaping design professional to put your garden or patio back together again! You’ll be pleased to know, though, that trenchless sewer repair has cropped up in order to give you the best of both worlds. Trenchless sewer repair methods have been around for at least 15 years, though a recent survey found as many as 70% of people don’t even know it exists! What makes it so special, anyway?

How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

A whopping 73% of homeowners said they would pay more for trenchless sewer pipe replacement if it meant preserving their landscaping and general outdoor features. Considering the extraneous cost of landscape installation and design, that’s more than understandable! Trenchless sewer repair uses a combination of high-tech cameras and water blasters to detect minuscule problems and handle them with aplomb — water blasters can use pressures as high as 60,000 PSI to get rid of clogs and debris. Small holes are dug in the ground to do the majority of work with as little physical damage possible.

Who Do I Call For Sewer Lateral Lining Repair?

Getting an inspection is as simple as opening up your phonebook (or browsing around online) and finding local drain repair services. They’ll come to your home and give your pipes a simple review, looking for common issues such as age (pipes over 40 years old might have to be replaced entirely) and the proximity of surrounding trees. While trenchless sewer repair costs more than conventional methods, you’ll be saved future repair costs while still getting the same quality results. Call for a sewer repair this week and see how much money you can save over the next few years!

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