Necessary Protections For The Construction Industry Here In The United States

The construction industry is an incredibly important industry here in the United States, there is just no getting around or denying this fact in any way. After all, the construction industry is involved in the construction of new buildings as well as in remodeling activity for homes and even commercial buildings all throughout the country. In recent years, remodeling projects have become more popular than ever before, with nearly one third of these projects involving major additions and other such major alterations while even more home remodeling projects – around 40% of them, as a matter of fact – center instead around minor additions and alterations. The last 30% or so of remodeling projects will regard maintenance and repair, as sometimes aspects of home become run down or simply cease to work altogether.

When such projects are undertaken, protecting the rest of the home that is not going through such remodeling work will be essential. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do. Masonite floor protection is commonly used by construction companies and teams conducting these remodeling projects, and this masonite floor protection can be used on wood and carpeting and tile flooring all alike. Masonite floor protection can help to keep wood flooring – which is often quite expensive – from becoming scratching and a similar use of masonite floor protection can also help to keep tile flooring from becoming chipped or damaged in any other way. Of course, carpeting is more difficult to seriously damage, but masonite flooring should still be used in carpeted areas as well, due to the fact that a single square yard of any given carpet is actually capable of holding up to a full pound of dust and dirt, something that might come as a shock to many people.

In addition to the use of masonite floor protection or another type of floor protection board, a door frame protector should also be utilized. After all, a door frame is likely to become damaged with the movement of materials from one place to another. However, using a door frame protector can all but completely eliminate this risk, something that is likely to be hugely beneficial to the typical construction team and the actual owners of the home as well.

Of course, however, the safety of the construction workers themselves is just as important – if not even more important, as a matter of fact – to take into consideration. For instance, construction workers should often be wearing face masks to protect themselves from inhaling materials that could end up being harmful and even dangerous to their long term health. After all, the data that has been gathered on construction workers actually shows that various occupational lung diseases are more commonplace than any other disease that has been associated with any other occupation here in the United States – including for workers in the field of construction.

Crystalline silica is one such health threat, as crystalline silica can be easily dispersed into the air and inhaled when everything from grinding to cutting to sawing to crushing to even just drilling is performed on a piece of stone. As crystalline silica particles are incredibly tiny, smaller even than a grain of sand, avoiding them is likely to be impossible if proper precautionary measures are taken. And there is no doubting the fact that crystalline silica exposure and inhalation should be avoided whenever it is possible, as crystalline silica inhalation can, over the course of time, lead to significant lung problems for people who work with materials that disperse it into the air on a regular basis.

And the inhalation of crystalline silica over time can lead to more than just lung disease. In addition to various lung conditions, kidney disease, COPD, and silicosis can also develop. Therefore, taking precautionary measures is important for every single construction worker who will be working with such materials to do, and it is a step that will more than pay off in the long run. After all, protecting one’s health is one of the very most important things.

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