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New Company Owners Helpful Strategies

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Owning a company for the first time can be extremely overwhelming, as it probably should be. You are most likely very excited and eager to turn your startup business into something huge. No matter how much schooling, internships, and experience you have; there is always more to know. Consulting with professionals that are knowledgeable on various director-level topics, can help your company thrive while taking some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Human Resource Staffing

HR executive recruiters will work with you and give you the information you need to make more informed decisions on potential employees to hire. The importance of utilizing HR executive recruiters to be able to find and work with the right person who will head your HR department can not be understated.

Outplacement Consulting Firms

Working with consulting firms who specialize in outplacement can help your company in a variety of ways. Having an HR outplacement plan will help maintain relationships with your employees and can be very beneficial down the line. It’ll also help show your current employees that your company is there for them and if they think they are in danger of losing their jobs, they can fall back on the outplacement plan to find new employment.

Retention Strategies

Acquiring talent can sometimes be the easy part, keeping the talented people working for your company can be the difficult part for some. Over 55% of organizations admit that employee retention is a major problem, especially for new hires. Within the first 45 days of a person being hired, 22% of employees leave their job. This can be prevented by implementing a few strategies:

  • Employee Recognition — Over 85% of businesses that utilize an employee recognition program admit that there is an overall increase in happiness from their employees.
  • Employee Onboarding — Properly training new employees and teaching them about the company’s culture can help turn new hires into valuable assets for the future. A study has shown that new hires who participated in a structured onboarding program are nearly 60% more likely to remain with a company after three years.

Diversity Specialists

It has been proven that diverse companies have a better chance at succeeding than their counterparts. According to research done by McKinsey, organizations that are gender-diverse are expected to outperform their peers by 15%. Organizations that are ethnically-diverse, can expect a 35% increase in productivity.

Whether you’re a brand-new startup founder or an established CEO, these tactics can help. Working with talent acquisition services, outplacement consultants, and HR executive recruiters, collaborating with these professionals can help take your business to the next level.

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