New Technologies Continue to Improve the Way Americans Live Their Lives

Carbon fiber composites are typically combined with other materials to create a light, but incredibly strong material. In fact, as composite technology continues to improve, there are a number of uses for these versatile materials. In fact, custom carbon fiber manufacturing services often find new products to develop and make after they have found a new, or stronger, material. From boating to the automobile industry, there are a number of ways that these carbon fiber composite products are changing the lives that we lead by altering the products that we use. From the simplest of office materials to the most complex transportation parts, there are a number of ways that strong and light materials are put to the most varied of uses.

The latest carbon fiber engineering experts continue to research, test, and develop ways that the lives that we live are not only more convenient, but also more safe. In a time when even the subways of New York, the busiest place in the nation, are still operating with steel technology that was made in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it should come as no surprise that there needs to be continued development for all kinds of composite engineering.

Strength, Stiffness, and Weight Will Allows Play a Role in the Development of Many New Engineering Products

When you here today’s technology schools and universities talk about the fact that there is no real way to predict the kind of jobs that will be needed in the future, it certainly should come as no surprise to know that the top engineers are continuing to produce the materials that will be needed for these future careers. One of the current products that continues to be improved and used in an increasing number of fields is carbon fiber composites. Consider some of these statistics about a material that is changing the way that we lead our lives:

  • 90% of carbon fiber is created using polyacrylonitrile (PAN).
  • The composite materials market is forecast to reach a value of roughly $38 billion by the year 2023, according to Lucintel, a global management consulting and market research firm.
  • Making them only a little wider than spider silk, carbon fibers are roughly five to 10 microns in diameter, m.
  • At only half the weight, carbon fiber composites offer roughly 10 times the strength of steel.
  • As well as rating very high for stiffness, PAN-based carbon fibers offer strengths of up to 1,000 ksi.
  • Initial high-performance carbon fibers were created using rayon precursor.

We live in a world that is changing at near record pace. Part of the reason for this rapid change is that there are more and more advanced materials like carbon fiber composites that are being developed all of the time.

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