Oil Spills, Bacteria And Rust How Groundwater Remediation Services Keep Your Water Clean

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Water is life. It undercuts everything we do. Without regular access to clean water we risk developing disease and losing valuable access to food, technology and more. When the cleanliness of everyday water is threatened, modern technology has resources that can bring it back up to speed again. Environmental contracting is the act of studying the quality of nearby water and dramatically reducing anything that could be putting people at risk, such as bacteria, coal ash and trash. Different environmental remediation services are available to tackle minor to severe water pollution problems, allowing your business to contribute more positively to the environment and surrounding populations.

Water Around The World

Not everyone has access to clean water. Because of this water-related diseases are still at an all-time high, causing many plants and businesses to attempt to solve dewatering problems to protect nearby populations. A mere 1% of the Earth’s water is actually suitable for drinking, making construction dewatering and environmental remediation equipment a must to provide for billions of people. Groundwater accounts for around 95% of the nation’s available freshwater, providing drinking water for half of all Americans. Many American households will install more advanced water filtration systems in an attempt to create an even cleaner water source, particularly those with at-risk populations such as children, the elderly and those with autoimmune diseases.

Common Water Contaminants

Due to water’s nature as a highly flexible and widespread element, it is prone to a variety of different contaminants that can cause disease, long-term disability and even death. Lead in water is a severe issue brought on by older pipe systems built decades ago, before deeper knowledge of the side-effects of lead exposure were common, as well as rust, mold and mineral build-up. Bacteria can be significantly reduced through advanced filtering systems and need to be regularly updated as new strains of bacteria attempt to counteract the hardworking, daily efforts of groundwater environmental services and management.

Additional Water Contaminants

There are many reasons to seek out construction dewatering and treatment solutions. Every single year nearly 16,000 chemical spills are brought on by trucks, trains and storage tanks during transfers. This has noticeable long-term consequences for both nearby human populations, animal populations and surrounding wildlife. Over 80% of the most severe hazardous waste sites in the United States have severely altered the natural state of the surrounding environment, causing companies to solve dewatering problems through tools such as a catalytic oxidizer, cartridge filter housing and basement dewatering systems.

Groundwater Remediation Services, Equipment And Growth

With so many available hazards in everyday drinking and bathing water, it is essential to solve dewatering problems with every tool in the book to keep people safe. Primary and secondary waste treatments alike remove anywhere from 85% to 95% of pollutants from wastewater before it’s discharged into local waterways for consumption. Nearly 70% of industrial waste is dumped into multiple water bodies where they pollute usable water and render it completely unusable. Although filters can put a noticeable dent in bacteria growth and reduce the build-up and presence of lead and minerals, they need to be assisted with construction dewatering in order to achieve a fuller effect. Using every resource at your disposal will make it easier to solve dewatering problems every day.

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