Packaged products and how to compete in the market

Whenever you go shopping you wander down isle and isle of packaged products. Each one is a bit different even if it is the same product. Certain brands catch you eye a bit more then others with their modern eye catching packaging which is one of the best ways to compete in the packaged products market. There are many different types of packaging available and certain things you can do to stand out more than the others.

Being able to catch a shoppers eye in front of hundreds of products is a unique trick that many marketers have been doing for years. Creating certain colors, designs, and phrases on your packaging can help a shopper make their decision. Packaging is the first thing shoppers see and as we all know first impressions are everything. Making a good first impression is how your going to win over the majority of buyers so include all important information needed like what the ingredients are, how much is in the package, any type of health benefits or amazing flavors, pretty much any positive points you about your product you want customers to know right away. Using clear pouch bags to show the texture, quality, and look of your product is a great way to show off what you have to offer. Pet food packaging should always show how much love and compassion the company has for their four legged friends. Showing photos of the healthy ingredients alongside a happy healthy puppy is a great way to bring in a customer.

Different sizes of packaging available to your customers is also very important. Some people will only want a small portion to give it a try before they become a long term customer. Once you have hooked them and they are a long time customer they may want bulk sizes, travel sizes, multiple flavors in small packages and much more. Think about the different customers you will have and how they can benefit from different sizes and styles of packaging. Some people like products that have a resealable feature to save it for later or keep it fresh. Keeping food fresh for long periods of time is great for all customers, custom printed vacuum pouches help enable the freshness factor. Other customers like to buy in bulk so they don’t have to keep running back to the store. So depending on what product your packaging think of each type of customers needs and appeal to the masses and you will be successful. Pet food packaging sells great in bulk sizes because pet owners appreciate having a large supply of their pets favorite foods. Less trips to the store and more of Fido’s favorite meal at a better price.

Businesses that maintain their packaging and make changes where needed have noticed a 30% increase in consumer interest. Pay attention to what the market is telling you. If you don’t sell many large packages but seem to sell out of the smaller sizes it may be time to consider new packaging. A great way to refresh a brand and draw some attention is to change the look of a long time standing packaged product. Nothing says modernized like a brand new label and catch phrase, when companies do this they draw lots of attention and people adapt quickly to the change. Pet food packaging changes looks quite often updating the pet on the packaging to show how much they love all types, breeds and sizes of pets.

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