Reasons to Take a Charter Flight

if you have ever had a horrible commercial airline flight or airport experience, it’s probably at least crossed your mind to consider a private aircraft charter. You’re probably already aware of some of the benefits of a private jet, such as amenities and comfort, and may have decided that it really wasn’t worth it for the extra price. No doubt the amenities can be wonderful in a private aircraft charter. A private jet charter can also be supremely comfortable, even when compared with business class or first class on a commercial flight. But neither of these things are really the best reasons to get a private aircraft charter. There are far greater benefits to be had:

  1. You will enjoy complete and utter privacy: if you want it.Privacy is nearly impossible in the world of commercial flights. From the invasive safety and security checks to the shoulder-to-shoulder experience at check-in and boarding, you’re simply with too many people. And that’s before you’re even on board. Once on the plane, you’ll likely have a seatmate who could poke their nose into everything you’re doing (though thankfully many are more polite than that). And, honestly, you have no idea what the person behind you might be doing. People are walking all up and down the aisles, and it’s simply impossible to guarantee you’ll have any privacy for a phone call, a message session, an email, or work.

    On your private aircraft charter, you’ll enjoy complete privacy. Some even offer conference facilities on larger planes, so you need to conduct business you can be completely isolated even from the necessary crew. Of course, if you don’t want to be alone you can bring along friends and family or even business partners to discuss strategy and policy from 5,000 feet.

  2. You will be able to get there with unprecedented efficiency. If you’ve never taken a private aircraft charter, it’s hard to imagine how much more efficient it can be. Private jets have access to hundreds of secondary airports that are closed to major commercial travel, making it simple to arrange a flight out of an airport that’s close to you and doesn’t have a three-mile traffic jam just to get to the drop-off at departures. if there even is a security check, it won’t be anything like what you’re used to. You don’t have to wait to load hundreds of pieces of luggage, and most of the time you can drive right up to the plane and board.

    Getting there isn’t all, either. In the air, you’ll be able to work in quiet efficiency if you desire. A 2009 survey of businesspeople found that they believed themselves to be 20% more productive on company private flights than in their very own offices. Once you arrive, you can again choose an airport close to your final destination where a car will meet you on the tarmac to take you directly to a nearby hotel or business meeting.

  3. You are in charge of the flightYou’ll never call a family member or business partner again to explain a delayed or cancelled flight, or that re-route into Tulsa. You decide when the flight leaves, and it doesn’t leave until you arrive. While you may have to pay more if you keep it waiting a long time, you’ll never be delayed by the flight, the airport, or the pilot ever again. And the best companies will give you enormous flexibility to change flight times or even cancel on short notice.

    You also get to decide who comes or doesn’t come on the plane, as well as where the plane goes. You can choose an airport for its location, its amenities, or even its climate. Once in the air, you will have to follow the flight plan filed with the FAA, but before you take off you can make adjustments however you need.

There are a lot of great things about flying a private aircraft charter. You’ll enjoy great amenities and comfort on your flight. But you’ll also get to take control of your flying experience, be more efficient, and enjoy all the privacy you could want. So why not look into jet charters available near you for your next important flight?

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