Repair For a Bulldozer or Tractor Motor

A tractor, a combine, or a bulldozer will need all of its components in fine working order, and this ranges from the tires to the travel motors and drive motors as well. These work vehicles have a lot of work to do during the day, and if their travel motors break down, this can seriously hamper a farm’s output or a construction site. Not only should a farmer or a construction manager buy the right equipment for the job, but a Bobcat or John Deere, for example, should be kept in good shape. A tractor or a bulldozer should be looked at regularly by experts to diagnose problems early, and this can help an owner get the issue with the travel motors or other components addressed quickly. There are plenty of shops across the United States that can fix up the drive motor of such vehicles, and many owners will also have on hand a trailer to deliver an afflicted vehicle. How big is the construction industry today? How can travel motors have their issues diagnosed and fixed up?

Construction and Farming Today

These are huge and vital industries that rely heavily on large and powerful vehicles to get the job done. Farms, for example, have long since traded in horses and oxen for motorized tractors, and ever since the turn of the century, motorized tractors have been central to farming. At first, there were bulky and steam-powered models, but later on, diesel-fueled tractors appeared, and the market for tractors and combines has become quite large. This also included auxiliary markets, such as for repair parts, their travel motors, and their tires, which are different than other off-road tire models.

Construction may in fact stand as one of the largest industries in the entire United States, and this includes the manufacture, purchase, and repair of construction vehicles. The industry for construction vehicles is quite large, encompassing their manufacture, sales, use, and repair. The construction equipment industry, in fact, is set to grow, according to the experts. It is due to grow nearly 12% from 2016 to 2026, and this may also include growth for jobs based on building, using, and fixing such machines. The construction equipment operation industry, as of 2016, had some 426,000 jobs, and this figure may grow as the industry itself does. Many Americans are also employed to repair and tune up all these construction vehicles, and such jobs may also climb in numbers during the next decade.

The travel motors, suspension, transmission, and more inside a construction vehicle are all used to get hard work done, so all these components should be kept in good shape. Overall, excavators come in compact, mid-size, and large sizes, and they may weigh anything from 3,790 pounds all the way up to an impressive 188,716 pounds. These machines may put out modest horsepower in smaller models, usually 14.5, while the largest models may produce as much as 512 horsepower during the days’ work. It is clear, then, that a lot of power will be lost if such a vehicle suffers a breakdown, such as in its travel motor. What can be done?

Diagnosis and Repair

A worker may diagnose a problem with their machine if its power output mysteriously drops, or if the vehicle stalls. Other symptoms may include smoke or strange rattling or noises, but a manager may not like it if the problem is not diagnosed until such serious problems arise. How can a problem be predicted? The solution is to hire professional repair and inspection professionals who can use devices to look directly inside a machine. Some parts of a tractor or a bulldozer may be difficult to reach in person, but a borescope can be useful here.

What is a borescope? It is a camera or sensor array on the end of a flexible but tough tube, and it is connected to a readout device. The inspector can thread the flexible tube deep into a tractor or construction vehicle and look over its various components. A worker may check for rust, corrosion, a lack of lubrication, foreign objects jamming the gears, or any other problem. An afflicted vehicle can then be loaded onto a trailer and hauled by truck to a repair site.

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