Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services Help Property Owners Protect Their Investments

Professional cleaning services

The Christmas decorations are all put away. The cleaning lady has just left. The house smells great. Everything looks great.
Well, almost everything.
The fact of the matter is, no matter how much you pick, no matter how much you clean, no matter how frequently the cleaning lady comes, the dirty carpet still stands out. Especially the carpet going up the stairs from the kitchen to the bedrooms. To be honest, the carpet in the whole house has never been replaced since you moved in 20 years ago. Unfortunately, in that whole time you have only have the carpet cleaned twice in that whole time. As a result, no amount of vacuuming or house cleaning could make the old carpet look nice anymore.
Professional Cleaning Services Can Help You Make a Great Looking Home
Families who do not invest the time and resources to deep clean their carpets are often wasting their time on the less important daily tasks. If you are focused on the small details all of the time instead of making sure that investments like carpeting and tile are properly cared for can be problematic. For many families, the best solution is finding a residential cleaning service that makes sure that you never get to the point of having dirty carpet. With a deep carpet cleaning scheduled once every year, or six months if needed, can help you make sure that when you pick up the house it looks great.
Consider some of these facts and figures about commercial and residential cleaning industries and how they impact the nation’s economy:

  • 10% of the cleaning revenue generated in America is earned by upholstery and carpet cleaning services.
  • Dust particles are comprised of 70% dead skin flakes.
  • The air quality in a closed indoor space can be up to 500% worse than air quality outdoors.
  • Hiring a cleaning service before you move out of an apartment or an office can help insure that you get your security deposit back.
  • When left on surfaces for 30 to 60 seconds before wiping away, antibacterial cleaners are the most effective.

This is a new year, maybe it is time to make sure that you hire someone to help you keep your house looking its best. From deep cleaning the carpets throughout your house once every six months to the weekly cleaning of toilets and showers, a residential cleaning service is often a great investment.

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