Safe, Cheap, and Reliable How Nuclear Energy Can Solve Our Nation’s Energy Crisis

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The term “nuclear” tends to be one that guarantees mixed reactions from different audiences. While nuclear energy can be used for destructive purposes, it has equal potential to better lives with safe applications. Nuclear power utilizes controlled nuclear reactions to heat water in steam turbines which is then used to produce vast amounts of useable energy to be distributed to the population. Despite the long use of nuclear energy in our own nation, many Americans still hold a number of myths and misconceptions regarding this alternative fuel source; here are five facts on nuclear power that all Americans ought to know.

A Cheaper Alternative

Our nation’s reliance on fossil fuel has produced a monster in the form of large scale oil and gas companies that insist that their fuel source is superior or even necessary for American progress to exist. Despite these misconceptions, it is a surprise how fossil fuel power plants are able to exist due to the staggeringly high cost of fuel. The United States Nuclear Energy Institute suggests that as much as 78% of the cost to run a coal power plant and 89% of the cost to run a gas fired plant is spent on fuel alone — nuclear energy by comparison only spends around 14% of their operating costs on uranium fuel.

More Power

Not only is it cheaper for a nuclear power plant to function, it is also superior to its fossil fuel counterparts. A single kilogram of natural uranium will yield around 20,000 times as much energy as the same amount of coal will. Since nuclear fuel can generate millions of times more power than fossil fuels, it is no surprise to learn that 1 kilogram of coal will power a 60 watt light bulb for just four days where a comparable amount of uranium can do so for 685 years!

Nuclear Funds

Due to the success of nuclear energy, many investors have seen a golden opportunity by investing in nuclear energy stocks. Entergy’s Indian Point Nuclear Plant in New York are estimated to generate around $1.6 billion in state taxes and $2.5 billion across the nation as a whole — this also includes around $1.3 billion annually to local counties near the plant. The revenue produced by nuclear power plants such as these can better communities as a whole while providing safe, clean power.

Energy for the World

Nuclear energy is not something that is limited to our borders, as it now supplies over 11% of energy consumed around the world; today the world produces as much nuclear energy as it did from all energy sources combined in 1960. There are only 30 countries around the world that produce nuclear energy in over 436 commercial nuclear reactors; 99 reactors alone are stationed in the United States across 61 nuclear plants.

A Better Plan for the Future

Investing in nuclear energy stocks is not just a financial decision, but rather a decision that impacts everything from the economy to the environment and everything in between. A slight majority of 51% of today’s Americans favor the use of nuclear energy in the United States where 43% oppose it. Power plant investments send a strong statement to fossil fuel corporations that there needs to be a change in favor of cleaner, cheaper energy for all; investing in nuclear energy stocks sends that message while guaranteeing a return as an investor in one of the fastest growing energy movements in our nation’s history. Research nuclear energy stock companies to find a professional that can help you secure our nation’s energy future.

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