Signage Does Make a Difference Choose LED Signs for Business

Electronic led signs

Are you planning to have new signs designed for your business? Have you considered the benefits of having an LED sign? When considering your advertising budget, LED signs for business have energy-saving features. Since they’re economical as well as versatile, LED signs for business may be just the type of signage to promote your products and/or services.

You’re probably aware that adding or changing your sign can have an impact on your business. Studies show that when a business replaces a store front wall sign with a larger sign, sales can increase by 7.7%.

A recent poll showed that many shoppers will make a decision as to whether to shop while they’re driving. This was true of 68% of the participants. If it weren’t for signage that caught their eye, 35% of shoppers wouldn’t have known about a new business. Furthermore, when shoppers aren’t able to visit a store at that time, 32% stated that they would later in the week. This all boils down to having a sign that stands out.

Have you advertised your business in the local newspaper? Do you usually run full-page ads? You may be interested to know that having an effective on-site sign is the equivalent of running 24 full-page ads every year.
While you may still choose to run those ads, consider the impact that your new sign will have on business.

There are different types of outdoor LED signs available. You may, for example, want a scrolling marquee sign so that you can post announcements, special events, and other relevant messages. In addition to providing contact information on you outdoor LED display, you can also include your website address. Potential customers do make note of this information, according to a recent poll.

Since most, or 85%, of your current and potential customers live or work within 5 miles of your business, you want to be sure that your location is easy to find. When you have an LED sign, it can stand out from other signs in the area. Furthermore, since LED lights come in different colors and styles, your signage will be unique to your business.

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