Six Tips for Proper Ammunition Storage

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Current ammo production is made to be used in a wide variety of conditions. However, there are still conditions you will want to avoid when storing ammunition. Improperly stored ammunition has the potential to be extremely dangerous. Wasting ammunition can become very costly, especially when done over time. In this post, you will learn six tips for keeping ammo safe and secure.

  • Always Utilize an Ammo Storage Case: One of the best ways to keep ammo safe is by using a storage case. These cases are made to accommodate a wide variety of ammunition. Hunters often use an ammo storage case to take while on the road. In many cases, an ammo storage case can save you money from wasted bullets due to improper storage. Many ammunition types can be expensive to purchase which means potentially wasting a lot of money.
  • Keep Away from Hot Temperatures: Ammo should always be kept in a cool place. Using ammo storage cases keeps ammunition in a cool and safe environment. Extremely hot temperatures may cause bullets to explode. There are many reasons that exploding ammunition is dangerous. One reason is that it can cause bullet shrapnel to fly around. Exploding bullets can also be a potential fire hazard in certain situations. Extreme conditions may also cause bullets to expire which makes them unusable.
  • Store Ammo in a Relatively Hidden Location: You will want to keep your ammo up high where no children are able to reach it. However, you don’t necessarily want to have where you keep your ammo out in the open. It is best to find a place in your home where you can find the ammo without anyone else easily accessing it. A wise decision is to make use of ammo labels. Unlabeled ammunition could mean you struggle to find what you need. Many types of ammunition look similar which can often be confusing.
  • Avoid Humid Conditions: Humidity is not as dangerous as extreme heat for ammunition. However, humid conditions should be avoided with your ammo. Humidity has the ability to cause metal ammunition casings to change their shape. In turn, misshapen ammunition leads to defective ammo that can never be used. You never want to use ammunition that has been misshapen in the slightest amount. The slightest of ammunition warps could cause massive damage to a gun.
  • Don’t Forget About Other Shooting Items: Having protection for your ammunition is essential. However, purchasing cases for other items related to your hobby is a wise idea. A shooting glasses case is a popular item to keep your eyewear protected. You will want to protect your guns as well by placing them in a proper case.
  • Choose Green Packaging for Your Ammunition: Green packaging keeps your ammunition safe and is better for the environment. One way to ensure you have a case using green packaging is if recyclable materials are used. Research shows that $13 billion a year in damage is caused by plastic ending up in oceans. Nearly 40 percent of plastic packaging was dumped into landfills. A recent West Rock Consumer Insights Study reported that 45% of people bought something because the packaging was environmentally friendly.
  • In summary, there are several ways to keep your ammunition stored safely. An ammo storage case is one of the wisest investments you can purchase. These cases are specifically made to house ammunition. Using an improper case could lead to humidity and heat getting into your ammo. Heat and humidity are two factors that often render ammunition useless. It is wise to choose green packaging that is beneficial for the environment.

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