Sleep Apnea The Silent Disorder Plaguing Millions of Americans

Bipap mask

Everyone loves to sleep. Whether it’s sleeping a full, restful eight hours or a quick power nap after lunch, sleep is truly a beautiful thing. after all, it’s a necessary biological function that nearly all animals — including humans — must perform in order to not only survive, but thrive. Unfortunately, sleep apnea prevents nearly 18 million Americans from getting the healing, restorative sleep they need.

The breathing of sleep apnea sufferers repeatedly starts and stops throughout the course of the night, preventing them from truly getting a fully night of rest. These breaks or pauses in breathing, known as apneas, can be brief and last for only a few seconds or can last for several moments at a time. During this time, the brain senses a lack of oxygen and initiates a coughing or gag reflex in order to “trick” the body into breathing again.

While sleep apnea causes vary from person to person, excess weight can be a contributing factor. As with obesity, sleep apnea can lead to a greater risk of both heart disease and stroke, in addition to delayed cognitive function due to a lack of sleep. This impairment can lead to difficult concentrating, irritability, inflammation, and more.

Once diagnosed, however, the prognosis for sleep apnea sufferers is quite positive thanks to highly effective treatment options such as BIPAP machines, CPAP machines, and nasal pillows. While many insurance providers will cover all or part of the cost of sleep apnea machines, some sufferers may have to pay out of pocket.

Used BIPAP and CPAP machines cost significantly less than new, unused models but are just as effective. BIPAP and CPAP replacement parts can be used to keep previously owned sleep apnea machines in good working out. In addition, BIPAP and CPAP replacement parts can help sleep apnea sufferers get the most of of their machines, whether they are new or used.

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