Soft Serve For The Summer What Makes This Delectable Variety On Ice Cream Such A Mainstream Favorite?

Summer is great for your ice cream business. The hot weather and free time add up to the perfect ingredient for repeat customers. …That is, provided your used ice cream machine for sale is up to the task.

Maintenance is key to making sure your shop is running smoothly from sunrise ’til dusk, yet a lot of businesses find themselves trying to cut corners. Your frozen yogurt machine for sale or used ice cream machine for sale is your bread and butter. Tasty treats and a quick delivery are the main reason people keep coming back for more. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping the afternoon rush won’t wear out your machine prematurely, take a gander at the list below and learn a few maintenance tips that will ensure you’re always able to meet your visitors halfway on a hot day.

How could your soft serve ice cream machine work a little better?

The Unique History Of Soft Serve

There’s nothing quite like a little tower of soft serve to take the edge off a hot day. Soft serve ice cream first became popular in the 1970′s, fast replacing the rounded ice cream cone as the go-to treat for the summer season. It soon posed a hygienic risk, however, as many people became ill from a main ingredient: raw eggs. Today soft serve ice cream uses a safer recipe, with the only issue customers face is needing a glass of water after their tasty, fatty treat. Speaking of your customers…

Customers Love Their Ice Cream And Frozen Yogurt Classics

…what do they want to see most? Your store needs to make sure it has just as many classics as it does special deals and unique flavors. Vanilla remains the most popular flavor by a mile, with it even having its own special day on the 23rd of July. Chocolate, strawberry and pistachio should also be stocked in great quantity to keep everyone satisfied. Interestingly enough, ice cream remains among the top three items missed most by astronauts on space missions, according to a survey by NASA.

Daily Cleaning Is Essential For A Smooth Performance

Your used ice cream machine for sale won’t last long if you don’t take good care of it. This is especially true during the summer, where your average day could see hundreds of families and couples ducking in and out for some quick relief. Cleaning out your machine daily is one of the best things you can do for your business. The accumulation of crusty sugar and fat can clog your nozzles and build up in your pipes, leading to a clog or just an ice cream cone that doesn’t taste as good.

A Used Ice Cream Machine For Sale Is Just As Good

Do you worry that your used ice cream machine for sale won’t hold up to a brand new model? It’s time to put those concerns to rest. Just like you can gain a lot from buying a used car or used washer and dryer combo, a used ice cream machine for sale can save you some money while still delivering a delicious product time and time again. Taylor ice cream parts can be easily found online or in-person, to boot, and you won’t have to work very hard to repair a machine that’s starting to show a little strain.

Do A Little Maintenance To Keep Up With The Rest Of Summer

When ice cream shops are more popular than ever, it’s up to you to make sure your Taylor soft serve ice cream machine is ready for the deluge. Today’s ice cream products have a minimum fat content of 10% to nearly 20%, but soft serve mix fat levels are a lot lower at 3% to 6%. Combined with their high air content (as high as 35%), this makes them a popular choice not just for their creamy consistency, but lower calorie count. Sherbert ice cream also has a milkfat content between 1% and 2%.

Summer is a boon for business. Take advantage of it with a soft serve machine that’s always raring to go.

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