Spray Foam Insulation Equipment Rental for Commercial and Residential Jobs

Given that energy-efficient practices and products are becoming even more prevalent, there is a greater demand for residential and commercial building upgrades. In addition to taking care of a variety of other issues, this also involves sealing cracks and providing effective insulation. When even minor upgrades are taken care of, this can greatly reduce energy usage and overall costs.

Annual Energy Costs for Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Currently, industrial and commercial buildings within the United States have an annual energy cost of roughly $400 billion. In order to reduce this energy usage and resulting costs, steps to improve energy efficiency need to be taken. If energy efficiency was improved by just ten percent, this could save businesses and other enterprises about $40 billion a year.

How Effective Air Filtration Systems Save Energy

There are, of course, a variety of steps that can be taken to reduce waste. One of the ways in which a building’s energy is wasted is due to its air filtration system. When a building has poor air filtration, for example, as much as 40% of its energy can be lost. This is yet another reason why it’s important to have these systems inspected on a regular basis. Regular maintenance, such as changing filters, also make a significant impact.

How Insulation Saves Energy

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program, there are other ways in which energy usage and costs can be reduced. When buildings are properly insulated and any air leaks are sealed, this can reduce commercial and residential energy bills by as much as 20%. Since the Department of Energy reports that roughly 56% of the energy used in homes throughout the United States is for cooling and heating, taking care of home leaks and adopting other energy-saving behaviors can potentially reduce waste and costs.

Maintaining an Optimal Home Temperature

In order to create and maintain a home’s optimal indoor air quality, experts indicate that humidity levels need to be at a certain level. The best range for indoor humidity is between 30% to 55%. Some residents, of course, may prefer the lower range, while others will prefer the higher range. Maintaining consistent indoor temperatures is another way to conserve energy.

Spray Foam Insulation Equipment Rental and Sales

When you’re in the construction business, whether you focus on commercial or residential projects, there is a variety of equipment that is needed to perform various tasks. Since insulation is integral to reducing energy usage and costs, it’s likely that you receive calls for these types of jobs on a regular basis.

In addition to spray foam insulation equipment rental, you can also purchase everything that you need rather than renting it. Since it’s likely that you will have quite a few jobs where spray insulation is needed, it can be more convenient to have everything on-hand. Whether you want to purchase a spray foam rig and products, or opt for a spray foam insulation equipment rental, a sales representative will be able to discuss your requirements and supply you with everything that you need.

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