Taking an Extended Holiday? Provide Your Patients With Support!

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The holiday season is a time of celebration and happiness. Many businesses close down early on the days leading to Christmas and New Years. Most businesses are closed on the actual holiday, and some even take extended vacation between the two holidays. If you are one of those businesses that have decided to give your employee?s that extra time off, do you worry about your customers? What if they have an emergency and cannot reach you? What if you lose business because there is no one there to take the order? These are all common concerns and with the right vacation preparation, you too, can enjoy your long holiday.

Notify all customers of closed times, ahead of time

Customers are less angry, if they are aware of a place closing. If you run a medical office and you will be closed during the holiday break, inform your patients ahead of time. Allow them to get everything in order and to ask any questions, ahead of you closing. You can send out an Email or a phone recording to all of your patients. If you run a retail business, an Email chain can still be just as effective.

Leave a recording with detailed instructions

Customers do not enjoy receiving voicemails when calling a business. In fact, 79% of consumers prefer to interact with companies by phone compared to other options. However, if you do not have any other options, be sure to leave a detailed message. The message should include details about how to reach you in the event of an emergency, the exact day that you will reopen, and what you have closed for. The more information that a customer receives, the less frustrated they are likely to feel.

Hire an office answering service

It may not make sense for you to staff anyone when no one else is in the office, but you can staff an after hours phone service. The after hours phone answering service is an outsourced company that staffs its own office answering service employees. According to Forrester, telephone customer service has the highest satisfaction compared to other online customer service channels, at 69%.

The office answering service allows your customers and patients to reach a live person. They can ask questions, schedule appointments, receive assistance for orders, and talk to a live person. For many shoppers and patients, this is an important aspect of calling any business. It is important to remember that the better satisfied your customers are, it is more likely that they will return and spend more money with your business.

Provide detailed information to your office answering service

Although answering service employees are trained in the basics of customer interaction and customer service, they will need to know about your business. Informing them of your business and its products or services allows them to provide your customer?s with a better experience. Most of your customers will not even know they are talking with a 24 hour answering service. They will simply believe that you are available to them, whenever needed!

Considering that 80% of consumers prefer to contact customer service representative over the phone, it is crucial for a business to always be reachable. If you are planning on taking an extended vacation or closing your office for the holidays, consider how your customers and patients will reach you. You can hire a temporary cheap answering service, increasing your customer satisfaction rates. You may find that the services are so beneficial that you use them year round to provide customer viability, regardless of the day or time.

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