The 3 Most Popular All Natural Green Funeral Options

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In recent years, more and more Americans have become more and more concerned with protecting our environment from unnecessary harm. And some of these green Americans are so committed to mitigating their effect on the environment that they even want to protect Mother Nature after they die. That’s why the United States is seeing a surge of interest in all natural funerals, also known as green burials.

So for Americans interested in exploring green burials, what are your main after-life options?

1. The Casket-less Burial

Many people are deeply uncomfortable with traditional western burial rites, the embalming, the open casket, and even the steel casket itself. Fortunately, it’s now possible for your body to be buried in the ground so that it naturally decomposes, the mass and energy that makes up your body returning to the earth in the most literal sense. However, some regions have strict rules on how remains can be interred. This protects groundwater from harmful embalming fluids, but it can also make green burials more difficult to come by. Make sure you do plenty of research about local regulations before asking your family to plan an all natural funeral in this way.

2. Ash Containers for Burials at Sea

For those willing to consider cremation, there are a number of scattering urns specifically designed for water burials. You can either have your loved ones scatter your remains at sea, or you can purchase special cremation urns for ashes designed to slowly and peacefully sink down to the bottom of the water. Then, these biodegradable cremation urns naturally break down so as to not harm the environment.

3. Biodegradable Cremation Urns for Land

If you don’t want to trouble your family with the logistical challenge of a casket-less green burial, then there are also biodegradable cremation urns for natural burial in the earth. There are even specialty burial urns designed to be planted along with a seed, so that your remains can nourish a tree that will mark your grave site.

Not only are green burials better for the environment, but they are also far less expensive than the exorbitantly priced traditional funerals. Just remember to do your research, otherwise you could end up breaking local, state, or park guidelines against burying or scattering ashes. Read more.

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