The Advantages of a Virtual Office

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With the rise of telecommuting, work and work spaces have been transformed. It turns out that people are much more productive if they can work from home. Skipping the commute improves their overall performance. For businesses, this means saving on many of the costs associated with maintaining an office. For the occasions when face to face meetings, workshops, and conferences are necessary, office space leasing with fully equipped offices meet the needs for space, technology, and all support services.

Virtual offices are more productive
Telecommuting is now an important part of the work landscape. It’s made possible by new developments in technology, especially the rise of cloud computing and the development of online work platforms. It’s also a very productive part of the work landscape, and one that professionals appreciate. As many as 67% find that telecommuting is a productve way to work, and 80% see it as a job perk.
There are some unexpected benefits to working remotely as well. Not having to deal with traffic on a daily commute cuts down absenteeism. Telework programs reduce the number of days off by 63%, according to the American Management Association. Telecommuting is becoming the norm in a number of industries, including finance, law, consulting, technology, real estate, healthcare, marketing and advertising, entertainment, and even retail, and construction.

Office space leasing for short term needs
Along with the rise of telecommuting, businesses have the option to rent office space for short term needs. Temporary office space comes fully equipped with all technology and support services. This gives businesses the flexibility to combine virtual offices with the the luxuries of a traditional office on-demand. Meeting rooms and furnished offices can be rented on demand, for periods ranging from hourly to daily to weekly.
Telecommuting is a good choice for many businesses for a number of reasons. Employees prefer to work on their own schedules and to avoid the hassles that go with the daily commute. For office managers, virtual offices cut down on the overheads and costs associated with running a full office. Fully equipped temporary office spaces can be used for face to face meetings, workshops and conferences.

Employees who work remotely can be more productive. Skipping the daily commute actually frees up more time for them to work, and they can set their own schedules. For office managers and businesses too, virtual offices are a good choice for many reasons, including cost savings. Office space leasing allows them to use temporary meeting rooms and conference facilities when face to face meetings are necessary.

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