The Benefits of Using Holders for Price Tags

Across the country, there are marketing and advertising experts that spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how to best advertise products. This is because they are trying to perfect their craft so that the companies and businesses they work for can excel. While this is not easy, there is one tactic that remains strong. The right holders for price tags, glass door signs, free standing signs, flyer holders, and display racks.

Every single day the average consumer is going to be exposed to nearly 3,000 different advertisements and promotional messages. So, it is easy to understand that competing against these other ads and messages is no small task. However, the right holders for price tags with the right price attached can seriously help.

According to a 2011 report, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better experience. This kind of random fact separates success from failure. So here are more benefits of using holders for price tags:

The Right Price Can Sway a Customer

It takes anywhere between 3 to 7 seconds for a consumer to decide if they want to stick with a brand or if they want to buy from a competitor. This is the small span of time that businesses have when they can strike a consumer and get them to buy their product. So that is why you get the best holders for price tags to help promote your deals and promotions.

Between 6 and 10 purchases in a store can be classified as impulse purchases. This kind of impulse purchase is exactly where your holders for price tags come into play. A consumer that is going to make an impulse purchase will feel emboldened when they notice a promotional price attached to the holder.

Although shoppers will use their smartphones to do research on a product, 77% of consumers will go to a store to shop.
Shoppers make 82% of their purchase decisions in the store. These people are the prime consumers for your signage which has been proven to help products sell over time. So here are even more of the benefits attached to using holders for price tags.

Products Sell Better With Signs Attached

Recent stats have proven that full priced products are going to sell 18% better than products that do not have any signs near them. So once you get those well-designed holders for price tags, you will start selling your products at a higher rate. That is all it takes, so find the best signs for your business.

According to a 2014 Mass Merchant Study, 16% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping. When a customer is spending their day at the mall, they can easily be swayed into making a purchase just based on a good-looking sign. Now, imagine what it will be like when they see a promotional price on a display rack and decide to enter your business!

Several studies, including one from Brigham Young University showed that merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%. So this means that just simply placing a sign near your business and products is going to help out tremendously. So go out and find some well-priced signs for your business today and watch as your sales grow!

In Conclusion

There are so many layers of information and stats that just go to show how helpful holders for price tags and other kinds of signs will help businesses sell products. Do not hesitate to make an investment in some great signs for your business. That way, you can get great value for your money!

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