The Best Response is the Direct Response

Infomercial production

With the number of people watching television at any given hour of the day, a great marketing strategy is direct response production. This strategy is unique because there are no middle men like retailers, consumers are urged to respond to the advertisement and buy directly form the distributor. DRTV companies and direct response production agencies use many forms of media like radio, television ads, internet offers and telemarketing on top of many others. Direct response production is also unique in the sense that it can be measured based on responses to a specific ad as opposed to traditional marketing where the leads come from many different outlets.

These direct response production companies are most commonly known for their infomercial strategies. Infomercial companies go after this method because there is great return on a moderate, upfront investment. The best thing for direct response production companies is to pair up with a TV media buying agency to capitalize on multiple time slots and multiple infomercials. Infomercials are so widely popular in the advertising world that an annual award ceremony is held for the top infomercials and the top infomercial production companies. The growing importance on quality over quantity is pushing direct response production toward the next step.

the real advantage to direct response production is that it warrants immediate action. Most of the time you hear the announcer or voice on the infomercial say something to the affect of, ‘Act now while supplies last!’ This technique is a favorite by infomercial producers because it will draw those interested to call, or visit the company website, or even purchase a product without taking the time to compare and contrast it against others. These direct response production results are what infomercial and Drtv companies are looking for more than anything else.

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