The Evolution Of The Credit Card What Keeps It Safe Today

Credit card chargeback process

Let’s face it, the world is changing. We post our lives to public forums and share intimate thoughts with the world on a daily basis. Whether it’s political views, style advice or that really yummy salad you had the other day at the cafe down the street, we live in an age of shared media. We can do more sitting at home on our laptops than we have ever been able to before. One of the reasons so much is at our fingertips is because we pay with credit cards. In 2013 alone, United States consumers spent $4.6 trillion with credit and debit cards, and many of those purchases probably took place with the card not present. Credit cards are our little plastic badges of honor. They’re proof that we trust the system and that the system trusts us. It’s no surprise they are the focal point of e-commerce.

Did you know?

Every 30 seconds e-commerce generates $1.2 million in sales for American business owners.

Current trends indicate that by 2017, shoppers will spend $370 billion online in the United States alone.

By 2019, mobile purchases in the United States will skyrocket from $52 billion to over $140 billion.

Thank goodness there are credit card payment services out there that we can trust. The payment gateway services out there are vast and varied whether you’re a merchant or a customer. It’s important to note what to keep in mind.

Merchants want to sell more. Merchant account providers are looking for features they can customize and want to know when their system is being threatened.

They want to save time and money doing it. Merchants are interested in payment processing solutions that reduce their liability. For example, a system that has card not present detection and charge-back protection.

Merchants and customers want credit card payment services that are reliable and secure. Everyone wants the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protecting your assets through us of secure payment systems.

Sharing is inevitable. Why not take the time to do it safely?

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