The Importance Of Taking Good Care Of Your Duct Work

From an oval duct to spiral ducts, the ducts in your heating and cooling systems are far more important than you might realize. After all, very many of us here in the United States live in climates with four full seasons, ranging from scorching summers to freezing winters. These brutal patterns of weather cause many of us to rely on heating and cooling systems both – and keeping care of these systems is of the utmost importance if we are looking to stay safe – as well as comfortable – during the periods of severe weather that we are likely to experience at some point in our lives if we live here in the United States. In fact, it is often illegal for apartments in many cities to be without heating services and systems. And now more than two thirds – far more than half – of all households all throughout the entire country of the United States have some kind of air conditioning, be it a central air conditioning system or one that relies on air conditioning units placed throughout the apartment or the home.

Ducted heating and cooling systems – often with spiral ducts – are one of the most commonly installed heating and cooling systems no matter where you may go in the entire country of the United States. In fact, heating and cooling systems that have ducts can be found in as many as ninety percent of all newly constructed homes in all places of the United States. But duct systems, though they can be great and hugely efficient, such as in the case and use of spiral ducts, can also cause a good deal of energy loss. In fact, in many homes that have a ducted heating and cooling system, as much as thirty percent of the actual hot or cold air is lost due to cracks, leaks, and holes in the actual duct work that is found throughout the entirety of the home. Poorly connected ducts also contribute significantly to this problem, and truly stress the importance of having an experienced and highly skilled HVAC professional come to secure your spiral duct fittings or even your oval duct fittings. From spiral ducts to oval ducts, it is hugely important to the efficiency of your home that the ducts are properly fitted together – as much as is humanly possible.

Another part of maintaining the overall efficiency of your ducts is tied to directly to cleaning them on a regular basis. Spiral ducts as well as oval ducts both need regular cleaning (which is often best handled, again, by an HVAC professional) or else you risk the chance of debris building up in the duct work. This buildup, if not dealt with on a regular basis, can actually lead to a loss of efficiency by more than forty percent (forty two percent, to be exact). This will cost any building, be it a commercial building or a private single family home, a considerable amount of money in energy bills and costs.

And the type of duct work that you choose can actually also have a profound impact on how much money you ultimately spend. For instance, spiral ducts tend to be the much more cost effective option in comparison to the more traditional oval ducts. This is because spiral ducts are much more easily transported and installed, particularly in comparison to rectangular ducts which can be clunky as well as inefficient, another way in which spiral ducts will save you a considerable amount of money in the long term. In fact, in some cases, installing spiral ducts in the place of the more commonly used rectangular ducts can save you as much as fifty percent in various costs overall, an amount that is, obviously, quite considerable.

The duct work in your home is important, there is absolutely no doubt about that. For many of us who experience intense winters as well as very hot summers, having a high functioning heating and cooling system is nothing if not hugely crucial, but we must take good care of our duct work to keep it working well.

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