The Need For Blow-Molding In the Plastics Industry

Clear plastic jug

Colored cylinder bottles are used in every industry. Consider the rooms of your home. Plastic packaging is a common site for products in the bathroom, kitchen, and cleaning cabinet. Have you ever wondered how the packaging for these products are made?

How Blow Molding Works.

The plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the U.S., employing more than one million workers. The sale and manufacture of plastics contributes about $375 to the economy each year. Here are a few reasons why this area of manufacturing has grown to become such a behemoth.

Where Does Blow Molding Come From?

It is suspected that the first culture to use blow molding was the Syrians. The process dates back to about the first century B.C., and they used glass as their material. The first person to apply the technique of blow molding to plastic was S.T. Armstrong in 1851, who patented his idea.

What Are the Types of Blow Molding?

It was the Syrian glass workers who recognized the many convenient uses of creating a hollow container. The technique remains fairly similar to its origins, with a thin pipe being inserted into a sleeve of heated material to manipulate with an application of air. Modern techniques of course mean that the resulting product is produced much faster.

Today, colored cylinder bottles are colored first, then formed. The plastic is melted into a parison, which is then firmly attached to a mold to have air blown into it. The parison is manipulated with air until it has reached the desired shape.

Are There Multiple Blow Molding Types?

The most popular form of blow molding is extrusion blow molding, which is described above and has been used for hundreds of years. This can be done today on two different types of machinery. One is the continuous extrusion equipment, which uses shuttles and rotary wheel blowing systems to form its colored cylinder bottles. The other type is Intermittent extrusion machinery, which uses an accumulator system.

Blow molding is a technique that has been around for a long time. From the look of the plastics industry, it isn’t being phased out or replaced. Instead, the plastics industry is finding new ways to achieve more with the technique.

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