The Paper Jungle Why Businesses Need to Cut Paper Use

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While the ideal of a paperless society has long been espoused, the reality is very far from that dream. According to the World Counts, by 2030 the demand for paper will have doubled instead of having been reduced. Each office worker in America is responsible for the use of more than 10,000 sheets of paper annually. In fact, as much as 85% of all documents used in the business world are still paper based, research by the Paperless Project coalition has shown. We are sadly a nation of paper wasters and the impact on both the environment and on business costs is significant.

Businesses can take control of their paper use and waste using print management software. Given that using paper is expensive with copier and printer costs coming in at number three on the list of largest office expenses after rent and payroll, this makes financial sense. Each employee uses as much as $600 to over $1,300 in printing expenses yearly, translating into potentially staggering cost figures for even small companies.

This is despite the fact that waste accounts for more than 17% of printed documents, according to StopWaste.org. The environmental impact of paper use is not only about deforestation, which in itself is significant. Producing just one kilogram of paper takes more than 324 liters of water and in fact, a single sheet of A4 paper uses 10 liters of water in its production. Water scarcity is a growing problem around the world. American business goes through more than 12 trillion sheets of paper annually. The impact cannot be ignored.

Print management software allows business to optimize and manage their print devices to cut down on paper wastage while also offering a variety of other useful tools for user authentication, offset printing and secure printing. Print queues can also be controlled and the nature and volume of printing can be managed. Accounts receivable and payable, contracts management and human resources are the department that can make best use of such print management solutions and other document management services.

While the use of print management software might not usher in the era of the completely paperless office, it can radically reduce the amount of paper used, cut costs and help the environment.

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