There’s Nothing Like The Classics Why Direct Mail Lists Are Making A Comeback

The days of print are over. It’s all about digital advertising and promotion.

…right? Wrong. Direct mail lists still have a devout following and some would even argue today’s fast-paced world has an even deeper appreciation for the classics. Whether it’s direct mail marketing companies providing pamphlets throughout a neighborhood or wholesale printing for locally run magazines, there’s something special about being able to hold a physical copy in one’s hand. When you want to reap the benefits of direct mail lists while circumventing the omnipresent fear of rising costs, finding a digital printing company with your best interests at heart is your first step.

Let’s get to the bottom of direct mail and why it’s not nearly as obsolete as it may seem.

How do you promote your company’s interests? Do you choose to update your blog on a regular basis or are you a brand that prides itself on using a combination of modern SEO and content marketing tactics? Whatever you use, you likely have a company providing you its very best expertise on the matter. Businesses of today fare much better when they combine their own strengths with others, creating an end result that’s as unique as it is effective. Speaking of unique…

Studies have been conducted to analyze the effectiveness of digital strategies compared to more traditional methods. Whether it’s using physical signs or digital banners, all methods of advertising have some degree of accuracy that gets stronger or weaker depending on your business model. A recent study found over 90% of Millennials feeling that direct mail advertising is a reliable method. Considering younger adults are often believed to put technology first, this is a wonderful reveal that can turn the tide for your brand.

Where else could direct mail lists benefit you? The Canada Post revealed an interesting neuromarketing research project that exposed participants to different forms of advertising to gauge their response. The recall was 70% higher among participants who were exposed to direct mail rather than a digital ad. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Digital advertisements are a dime a dozen, flashing by in pop-ups, banners and icons that get lost in the fuzz. Printing services, however, are a steady reminder that can last for days.

That doesn’t mean all direct mail lists are created the same. It’s all about using digital printing effectively and applying it in a way that’s meaningful to your consumer base. One study found customers stating just 30% of the direct mail they receive includes personalized content they actually find useful. This means you need to put forth extra effort in making sure your work reaches the right people each and every time. Another study saw 65% of respondents stating they’re more likely to use a voucher if they have a physical copy to remember.

Let’s round this off with a few more studies to give you a solid impression of what direct mail lists can add to your business. Over 90% of shoppers in a recent survey said they actually prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions. After all, signing up for a direct mail list is a personalized choice that can leave a much bigger impact on a person’s life! A USPS study also saw over 60% of direct mail recipients being influenced to visit a promoted website, particularly if they were first-time shoppers. When you don’t want your business to get lost in the shuffle, going down the slightly less traveled path can make all the difference.

Believe the hype. Direct mail lists and print services are here to stay.

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