Three Non-Commercial Services of Transport Companies

Transport companies are organizations that are contracted to move goods by truck, train, ship or aircraft from one point to another. They are a vital element of the logistics chain, but they are not only employed by companies seeking to ship their goods to market. An individual in many circumstances will also need the help of a logistics transport company, from moving a boat to a home. This list details three non-commercial uses for these transport professionals.

  1. Camper and RV Transport:One might assume that RV relocation would not be a necessary service after the vehicle has been purchased. After all, they are designed for long range travel and purchased by individuals that want to use them. However, instances exist where the RV you purchase must be transported elsewhere without you in it. There are inheritance circumstances, where a person receives an RV in a will, but far more likely is an issue at the point of initial purchase. Used RV’s, for example, advertised for sale online could be bought by someone in the next state by an individual searching for that specific make and model, or someone who simply could not pass on a good price. In such instances, they may not have the immediate time for relocating an RV on their own, driving them to seek professional aid. With 6.75 million people in the United States reporting they live in a household with an RV, even a small percentage using transport services represents a lucrative endeavor.
  2. Moving a Boat: From 2000 to 2016, there were 15.8 million recreational boats actively used within the United States, and it likely is easier for most to imagine instances where a boat owner would need assistance with moving their boat. Whether a boat owner needs to transport their vessel from one coast to another, from the ocean to a lake, or from the possession of a previous owner to the harbor of another, there are many instances where moving a boat would call for a professional.
  3. Tiny House Transport: The tiny house movement involves people who have rejected the passion most feel for large domiciles in favor of remarkably small living spaces. These homes are less expensive than their larger peers, they are more environmentally friendly, and they make very creative use of what space they have. Tiny homes are found in RV parks, small communities, or on the land of some friend of the home’s owner, or even on land the owner also owns. However, the place they are found when an owner lives in them is not necessarily where they were created, requiring their transport from one place to another.

The three examples above demonstrate the usefulness of transport companies to the general public as well as the industrial market. Although their value certainly appeals to specialized markets, within those markets they are priceless. So, if you ever need to move a boat or require tiny house transportation, you will know who can help.

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