Three Simple Etiquette Tips for Donating Goods to Charity

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Are you interested in clearing out the clutter in your home and think a Purple Heart donation pick up organization or other wounded veterans charities might be the way to go? When you donate your unwanted clothing and household items to a Purple Heart donation pick up organization, everyone benefits. You benefit by getting rid of the clutter that makes it impossible to clean your home. The a Purple Heart donation pick up organization you donate to is able to use your used clothing donation to further their cause helping disabled veterans. And the heroic men and women who paid the price for our freedom benefit by getting the help they need to lead productive lives, despite their injuries.

However, when you donate goods to a Purple Heart donation pick up organization, the extent of good that your donation makes can be stifled by mistakes that many people who donate used items to charity are not aware of. To help you do the most good when you donate your used items to charity, we’ve put together a list of simple etiquette tips:

Three Etiquette Tips for Donating to Charity

  1. Group like-items together in your donation boxes.

    The volunteers of the organization you are donating to process hundreds of donated items per day. They’ve never seen your belongings and have no idea that the critical parts to this kitchen gadget are spread across three different boxes. They don’t have the time or resources to treat your donation like a giant jigsaw puzzle with no reference picture, that might or might not be missing half of the pieces (especially when you multiply your donation by the other donations that the organization has to process in order to complete its mission).

    When you donate goods to charity, you really do them a favor by grouping like-items together. When you sort through your kitchen to get rid of things, put all of your donated goods in the same box and label them as such. When you move to sorting through your clothing or shoes, start a new box. Items that belong together, such as the lid to the canister you want to get rid of, or the pair of shoes you’re donating, should be attached together with a rubber band or a piece of tape. This only takes you a few extra minutes, but makes the job of the volunteers who sort your goods much, much easier.

  2. Treat your donated goods with the care you would if you were packing them to move.

    The great cause that you are donating to can only make any use of your donations if they are not broken. If you assume do not use care while packaging your donated goods for pickup, and an item breaks in transit, it provides zero dollars towards the purpose of helping military families (or whatever cause you’re donating to). In fact, let’s say you donate a vase that breaks because it was not properly wrapped for transit. Not only is that vase useless to the cause you are donating to, the entire contents of the box it is packaged with will likely have to be discarded for safety purposes. Not to mention, the staff who has to process your donated goods without realizing there are broken items in your box could sustain an injury in the process.

    When you sort through the goods you want to donate, take a minute to wrap breakable items in news paper or even grocery bags, to protect them in transit. Always label boxes that hold fragile items with a bold “Handle with care!” label.

  3. Don’t donate trash.

    While we’re talking about broken items, the cause you’re donating to cannot do anything with your trash. If your goods are so worn out that they cannot be reused, or if they are broken, the cause you give them to will just have to discard them. You pay a trash service to take your garbage away. When you donate trash to charity, you’re basically using them as a free trash service.

    If your clothing or household goods have lived a long and productive life but don’t have any more juice in them, consider recycling them instead of unloading them on a charity who has to get rid of them for you.

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