What a Good Aerial Survey Company Can Do for the Environment

Aerial survey company

The advancements in technology that we have seen over time are quite incredible. We have progressed as a species in ways that those living just a few decades ago would have had a hard time believing was possible. And yet, here we are, continuing to discover new plants and new planets, and so many things in between. Societies have developed to the point that things that were once considered luxuries are now commonplace. Modern first world problems seem ridiculous stacked up next to the issues that past generations have had to endure.

Discoveries and inventions have set us far apart from our primitive ancestors. And yet, the cost of such progress has been quite high, and we won’t be able to afford the steep price much longer, if we do not make serious moves to change how we go about further progress.

Environmental consulting for groundwater and beyond

The progress that humans have made, particularly the first big push of the Industrial Revolution, was done so with enthusiastic focus on the new things that we could accomplish. What was not being focused upon was the profoundly negative impact we were making on the environment. And only now are people starting to wake up to the fact that our progress cannot come at the cost of the very planet that is struggling to continue to sustain us.

There are constant battles on the legal and political levels between those who understand that we need to start changing things for the better, and those who only see the fastest track to the highest profit. True vision must be inclusive of the long term effects. And that is why there are now more businesses employing specialists in environmental engineering and ethics, particularly when it comes to water quality monitoring, geotechnical investigation, and aerial surveying for numerous purposes.

Finding a quality aerial survey company

Aerial surveys are important to determine the quality of land and water. A good aerial survey company will be able to cover quite large areas, and in a much faster manner than traditional ground methods of surveying. Often, the photographs taken by an aerial survey company will be shot from 10,000 feet above the earth. From this height, each photo can include an area of about two square miles. And these shots are some of the crucial first steps in identifying pollution and other issues with ecosystems or water supplies.

Recent reports regarding water quality in the United States have shown that 47% of lakes, 45% of streams, and 32% of bays have some level of serious pollution. And each and every year, nearly one quarter of beaches across the country are closed at some point, if not on more than one occasion, due to water pollution.

Humans are smart. There are many more discoveries and inventions to be made, but we need to start solving some of the problems that we created before attempting to advance in other areas, or we will run out of resources and time to do either.

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