What Catches A Customer’s Eye Today? Turns Out First Impressions Still Reign Supreme

223 ammo box

What are the most important aspects of your business? Some would argue that your first impression, made in the span of a few seconds or less, is the dealbreaker.

There is a lot of wisdom to be found in this longstanding marketing approach. Customers are becoming more discerning by the day, circumventing aggressive business strategies in favor of more meaningful interaction. This can be as simple as not using pop-ups on your business site and as complex as creating patented packaging that shows off your eco-friendly approach. Box labels have been undergoing some rigorous changes these past years as more and more customers decide they would rather support a brand that supports the planet, rather than going for the cheapest service or most applauded limited edition product.

If you’re going eco-friendly, or already have, it’s time to take a deeper look at your clamshell packaging.

What’s the state of the environment today? According to recent estimates…not so good. Businesses large and small contribute some of the most massive amounts of waste on a daily basis, affecting not just the economy, but the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes. A significant chunk of the planet’s plastic waste ends up in bays and coves, causing damages that amount to nearly $14 billion every year. Of the nearly 80 million metric tons of plastic packaging produced around the world in 2013, over 40% was dumped in landfills. Another 30% was ‘leaked’ into the environment, polluting land, sea and our best interests.

Does packaging also contribute to these astronomical figures? Absolutely. Since most packaging is made out of plastic or paper your business stands to leave a positive impact by rethinking its patented packaging strategy. It’s thought as much as 50% of the people around the world make purchase decisions partially due to packaging or entirely due to packaging, meaning your brand can’t afford to overlook its clamshell packaging solutions going forward. This can mean using less material, reflecting your positive business strategies or just paying close attention to what customers are clamoring for.

Customers need to be listened to closely if you’re to improve your business from the ground up. A 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study saw over 25% of respondents saying the packaging of their favorite products is very important to their overall satisfaction. This was up by 18% just three years prior. This same study also saw less than 15% of consumers stating they saw businesses making a genuine effort to improve their packaging to satisfy their needs. Will your brand be the one to make the plunge and set a trend? This is best done through changing your approach to patented packaging.

Blister packaging is using the least amount of material for the most amount of result. A blister package that folds in on itself is commonly referred to as a ‘clamshell’, creating a protective pocket that goes a long way in keeping the contents safe throughout travel. Patented packaging has been seeing an overhaul in both the materials used and its design approach, with the best possible result coming from a thorough approach to both sides. This is called ‘green packaging’ and can be applied to retail packaging, ammo storage cases or a fishing utility box.

Did you know a West Rock Consumer Insights Study saw over 65% of consumers stating they tried a new product not because of the reviews or anecdote from a sales representative, but because of an eye-catching package design? Another 45% said they tried out a product specifically because it stated being environmentally friendly. Whether your business goes out of its way to recycle paper on a regular basis or uses less chemicals than other leading brands, mentioning this in your packaging can mean the difference between a fast sale and a struggling monthly figure.

First impressions are made in just a few seconds. Make yours one that lasts.

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