When Was the Last Time That You Had a Safety Training at Work?


From web slings to hook rigging and other kinds of fall protection equipment, it is important that business owners take the time to make sure that their workers are safe. From the tallest of inventory shelves to the decision to make sure that all workers are properly trained in using all of the equipment, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides directives and guidelines. Workers at both large and small companies deserve to be well trained and protected while they are on the job. By making sure that training sessions are in place, managers and supervisors can help workers provide the specific steps needed to make sure that everyone on a job site completely understands the necessary steps.
As companies of all sizes work to make sure that their employees and products are safe, it should come as not surprise that the list of OSHA approved regulations and guidelines continues to be updated and expanded. With the proper guidelines, employees are given the best methods to make sure that they have a detailed set of steps to follow so they can be safe.
Web slings, lifting chains, and other kinds of fall protection systems are of no use if workers do not understand how they are supposed to used. With the right training, however, these systems will keep workers safe. Consider these facts and figures about the guidelines that OSHA requires to make sure that the all employees and resources are well protected:

  • There are a few rare exceptions, but the Federal OSHA standards limit the fall or arrest distance to six feet.
  • During the testing of all fall arrest systems, a test weight of 300 pounds, plus or minus five pounds, should be used, according to OSHA.
  • When working where temporary floors and scaffolds are not used and the fall distance exceeds 25 feet, safety nets can be used to decrease the fall exposure.
  • A person can fall up to seven feet in two-thirds of a second if the proper fall arrest or safety equipment is not in place.
  • Plan, provide, and train are the three steps that OSHA uses to prevent dangerous falls and save lives.

As the end of 2017 arrives, many companies are getting ready to retrain their workers to make sure that they are current in all of the steps that need to be completed with all of the safety gear that is used on a job site. Web slings, for instance, are great devices, but they will serve little purpose if no one understands how to operate them safely.

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