Why It’s Easy To Break Into The T Shirt Industry


For those looking to break into the fashion industry, an industry that has a net worth of billions of dollars, screen printing t shirts and other wearable items can be a great way to not only fill a need, but to find success. With the advent of sites like Etsy, it’s easier than ever to start up a t shirt business. In fact, a survey found that nearly 100% of all Etsy vendors are able to run their businesses out of their own home. And more than 70% of these vendors do not consider their Etsy shops to be merely a hobby, but a business in its own right.

And there is certainly need for t shirt and screen printing businesses. Printed t shirts, often made through the use of a silhouette connect, can be sold at fundraisers for many different organizations. Take school fundraisers, for example. The sale of wholesale t shirts and other products like ceramic coffee mugs can fund everything from new school uniforms to field trips. School fundraisers can also fund things like new technology for students and playground equipment, according to the Association of Fund Raising Distributors and Suppliers. A typical fundraiser earns an average of $3,100 and this money is instrumental in funding important programs within a school or a non profit. And people will buy these products, especially if they are going to a good cause. And aside from even supporting a good cause, Americans love their t shirts, many of them produced using a silhouette connect and other tools, such as heat press vinyl sheets. In fact, more than half of all people in the United States, and even over 60% of them, have said that they own at least ten t shirts, if not more than that. That means that Americans collectively own around 1.5 billion t shirts alone.

But if you are looking to get into the business of making promotional and fundraising products, there are some important tools that you need. First, silhouette connect can help greatly with the planning and designing of the products that you will later sell. A heating press is also important, particularly in the creation of custom t shirts. A vinyl cutter can also be used to help best and most efficiently and effectively create the designs that will then be pressed onto the t shirts or other items of apparel. The silhouette connect can help to envision how these designs will look in their final form.

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