Why Parking Lot and Street Cleaning Matters for the Health of Humans and the Environment

Parking lot cleaners

In the age of Ebola, it’s more important than ever to keep living and working areas clean. But have you ever thought of extending that concept to where you park? It’s a little-publicized fact that parking lot cleaning services were part of the disinfecting process following the diagnoses of both Thomas Duncan and Nina Pham with Ebola in Dallas. But cleaning and sweeping services for streets and parking lots are part of good health and environmental practices all the time.

Clean Parking Lots

That parking lot where people set down their groceries (or, admittedly, occasionally their children) while digging in purses or pockets for car keys can be contaminated with germs and pollutants — including viruses, oil, grease, pesticides and heavy metals. Parking lot cleaners can relieve these concerns, so consumers and business owners alike should expect regular parking lot cleaning. Here’s a tip for business owners: a commercial parking lot vacuum can be far more effective and efficient than hand sweeping, so it’s a good idea to hire a professional company if you have more than a few parking spots.

There’s a more obvious financial benefit for businesses that do the right thing and clean their parking lots, too: Studies show that outdoor cleanliness is an important factor in where people decide to shop. Additionally, people are more likely to take their own trash to a disposal bin in a clean space; if there’s already visible litter, it’s far easier to ignore a dropped piece of paper or other trash.

Clean Streets

Street sweeping services are also essential to preventing environmental harm. According to the most recent National Water Quality Inventory, runoff from urban areas is the leading cause of pollution for estuaries. This runoff includes road salt, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins. Failing septic systems can add bacteria and viruses to this list of concerns.

Sweeping is an effective way to remove everything, from the debris that can block storm drains to the microscopic pollutants that are most harmful to water supplies and wildlife, from streets. And while street cleaning in some form — originally consisting of men and boys using push brooms, for the most part — has been common practically since city roads were invented, today’s mechanical sweepers make the task an easy one.

Are you more likely to shop at a business that keeps its parking lot clean? Do you know if your neighborhood has implemented contract sweeping services? Discuss in the comments.

Helpful sites: www.quietsweep.com

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