Why Should An Office Worker Get a Phone Booth?

Offices are not quiet or solitary places. Whether an office has cubicles or an open design, there will be a lot of sounds and activity there, and a lot of these sounds and movements can in fact be very distracting for a worker, which in turn cuts into that worker’s concentration and focus, and may even elevate his or her stress levels and increase rats of work mistakes, which can cost money and time to correct. What is the solution? To build a phone booth is to find a quick and convenient solution to the problem of workplace distractions, and an office phone booth will ensure privacy and concentration for the worker inside. This may boost productivity and lower the worker’s stress levels, something that the worker and the managers alike will approve of. When one or more workers choose to build a phone booth, they can present this idea to the manager and budget committee, or any other relevant authority, to see if they can build a phone booth or several to reap the benefits. Many studies are being done every year to keep track of how workers perform in the office today, and many of them suggest that the idea to build a phone booth is ideal. Phone booth office space can be opened up for these useful devices, and the employee can get right to work.

Rates of Distraction in the Office

A soundproof phone booth for office work can protect an employee from rampant rates of distraction and noise pollution that may trouble them and interfere with the day’s work. Just how much can office noises like idle gossip, other phone conversations, outside traffic, or the microwave interfere with work concentration? The rates of interference can be measured by how effective the choice to build a phone booth can be. Once a worker is working from within a soundproof booth, that employee can expect, on average, a 51% drop in conversational distractions, such as other employees talking with customers on the phone, or in-person conversations ranging from complaints to idle chatter, and all these conversations can stress an employee. With so much of this noise removed, a worker’s concentration may improve as much as 48%, and this may be directly related to a reduction of work errors by 10%, which can save both money and time when mistakes are not made. Finally, without all these noises surrounding them, an employee working in a phone booth may expect a drop of stress levels as much as 27%.

A soundproof phone booth for the office is a boon for the customer or business partner on the phone, too. If the employee in the office is working in a very noisy environment, they may have trouble hearing what the other person is saying and may misunderstand them or often ask for them to repeat themselves, and all this can wear out a customer’s or a business partner’s patience fast. This can contribute to poor quality of customer service, which is something that no employee or manager would want. In fact, every single year, American companies collectively lose $62 billion due to poor customer service, so the choice to build a phone booth can go a long way to reverse that trend. A calm, quiet phone conversation in a booth will boost the phone call’s quality.

Soundproofing Elsewhere

It is clear, then, that a soundproof phone booth is a real gift for any employee in an office, and other workplaces may benefit from soundproofing as well. In hotels, for example, noise complaints are the #1 complaint among guests, so a hotel may consider investing in more soundproof technology for the walls and floor of their rooms, and this may include soundproof paint for the walls. The soundproof paint market is already worth $200 million, showing just how relevant this is. If a hotel implements enough soundproof tech in the building, the staff may expect a 32% increase in the quality of their customer reviews. Any hotel or motel that can afford to do so would be well advised to put in place any soundproof materials that they can, and a hotel may quickly grow more popular once the guests can enjoy peace and quiet in their rooms.

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