Why Your Business Needs a Street Clock

Outdoor commercial lighting fixtures

If you’re looking for rustic outdoor lighting fixtures for your business, outdoor street lanterns or antique lamp posts will often do the trick. But if you want rustic outdoor lighting fixtures that will look great and attract attention, you should consider something a little more striking: outdoor street clocks.

Street clocks are some of the most versatile and visually striking light fixtures you can place on your business. Clocks with back lights provide the same practical benefit that other rustic outdoor lighting fixtures do, which is primarily to increase outdoor safety at night. Street lights make it less dangerous to travel through roads and parking lots and allow activities to be held outdoors later at night.

Street clocks are often just as easy to install as street light posts when they arrive pre-assembled. You can even request that clocks be shipped pre-wired to make sure the installation process is as quick and easy as possible.

Once your clock is installed, it’s not hard to keep it running on time. Many modern clocks automatically reset in the event of a power outage and can be adjusted using radio controls. The best clocks on the market right now even use GPS signals to set the time and can adjust to daylight savings time automatically.

So clocks are as easy to install and maintain as street lamps, but what makes them a better option? More than anything else, street clocks are visible. They create an automatic focal point that draws the eye of anyone passing by. Street clocks aren’t just advertising: they provide a useful service to anyone walking on the sidewalk or driving by in a car.

Putting a clock on or in front of your business is a practical and non-intrusive way to draw attention to your business. Contact a street clock manufacturer today to get an estimate on what yours would cost!

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