Work With Executive Recruiters to Hire Top-Level People

Sales and marketing headhunters

Every business owner needs to hire talented executives to make sure their company is headed in the right direction. Though sales people and their teams are the ones who generate revenue, hiring sales reps is far less stressful than finding executive-level decision makers. Despite the fact that a sales hiring mistake can cost between six and 10 times a person’s salary, the same mistake at an executive lead to serious struggles. Because of that, many owners will partner with executive search groups who can help businesses avoid hiring unqualified people that prove to be a detriment rather than an asset.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of working with executive search groups is that they will be able to reach out and recruit people who might not be actively looking for jobs. Some 80% of all open positions never get listed, despite the ease of social media and job sites. That is particularly true for executive positions since owners don’t want or need to have hundreds of applicants sending in their resumes. The professionals at executive recruiting firms have huge rolodexes, so to speak, and can reach out to lots of talented individuals. That takes the onus of searching for candidates off of busy owners and managers.

On top of that, executive search groups are also able to handle screening and early interview procedures that can be both time-consuming and more difficult than owners might realize. There are lots of mistakes that employers make during the interview process, including talking too much and asking the wrong questions. Those kinds of mistakes might seem insignificant on their own, but they could cause businesses to miss out on the most qualified candidates and settle for someone who will fail to perform. Since turnover is so costly, letting recruiters handle at least the early stages of the interviewing process is always a good idea.

Despite the fact that hiring the right people is vital for long-term success, many employers are simply not good at it. Between the challenges that come with recruiting the best candidates and difficulties in the interviewing process, many will make poor hires. In order to avoid the problems that stem from that, many owners will partner with reliable recruiters. They can be a great resource for businesses who depend on talented employees to thrive.

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