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5 Major Quality Concerns to Consider When Buying a Steel Melting Furnace

Are you in need of a steel melting furnace? What qualities would you like your furnace to have? To avoid getting scammed or losing your hard-earned cash, you should know the qualities of the ideal furnace that you need. You should also ensure the seller knows what you need, and take the responsibility of verifying that the steel melting furnace you’re about to buy meets all your requirements.

For any steel melting factory, the buy of a furnace is a significant investment. As such, there is a need to have a plan on how to go about it.

This post highlights some five crucial considerations that you should make when planning to buy a steel melting furnace.

Here are the essential considerations that you should make when buying a furnace.

1. Do You Need a Refurbished or New Furnace?

The frequency of use and the capital available are two significant factors that determine whether you’ll buy a used or new furnace. If you choose to buy a refurbished furnace, it’s prudent to find out whether you can get access to any upgrades, repairs, and replacement parts. Upgrades are often necessary when you need to conform to industry standards.

Most used furnaces often need mechanical, insulation, and control system repairs to meet process quality requirements. If the upgrades and repairs are prohibitive or the spare parts aren’t available, then the buy of a new furnace may be better than buying a used furnace.

2. What’s the Purpose Of Your Furnace?

Different steel melting companies buy refurbished or new furnaces for varying purposes. As a processor, you may get a furnace because you need to do some process expansion. For instance, you may need to make your heat-treating process an in-house process instead of outsourcing it.

Your decision to buy relies on furnace functions. For example, you may need a multi-pour system instead of the tilt-pour or a pressure pour furnace system. You can also choose a furnace based on its power supply system. Its power system should conform to what you have at your working site.

3. What Furnace Qualities Are You Seeking

Whether you’re buying a used or new furnace, the quality-related needs that are applicable in the heat-treatment process are often the same. As such, you should determine all the necessary quality requirements. Customer requirements relayed to the heat-treater on aspects such as temperature tolerance are essential in deciding on the kind of furnace class to choose.

Other considerations may include the quenching options you’ll need (fan quenching, a saline water quench, or an oil quenching system) and the kind of vacuum level that you’ll need in your steel melting process.

4. What Use Or Process Will The Furnace Serve?

Will your furnace work in carburizing, through-hardening, or nitriding? Your answer to this query will determine the specific design of the furnace that you’ll buy. For example, an integral quench furnace with an endothermic generator is an ideal choice if your factory engages in carburizing.

5. Pass Down All the Requirements to the Furnace Maker or Re-Seller

After establishing all the essentials, you should contact your prospective seller and pass all the vacuum, temperature tolerance, control system, and mechanical needs of the specific furnace that you’ll need. The seller or maker of the furnace will assess the needs and make the necessary tests and surveys. The seller will perform a temperature uniformity survey for the work site to determine whether the furnace can work as per your requirements within your work site.

Steel melting is a big business because there is a high demand for steel products. Approximately 50% of the steel manufactured in the world serves as raw material for the infrastructure and building industries. If you’re to be part of this enormous industry and make some fortune, you’ll need the right steel smelting furnace.

But you’ll also need to make an informed decision by determining your induction furnace requirements well. If well followed, the considerations cited above can help you in making a sound decision when purchasing a furnace.

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