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6 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Perfect Trucking Company

Transporting your goods is a vital part of your business. Approximately two thirds of freight in the United States is moved by truck. You should ensure the safety and security of your valuable goods. This means that you should choose a trucking company that provides impeccable services. Trucking is one of the fastest and most efficient shipping methods.

Trucking companies Vancouver offer both short and long haul services within the city and outside. Typically, trucking companies will transport your goods from one warehouse to another. Most companies provide trucks, intermodal containers, and trailers for quick and efficient transport. A suitable company will pick and deliver your goods with no midway stops to expedite deliveries. These ensure there are no delay and loss of products during transfer.

It’s very important to be sure that your goods are in safe hands. However, with the many container trucking companies in Vancouver, choosing an ideal company that will meet your needs can be a challenging task. Luckily we have composed this guide to help you make an informed choice.

1. Choose A reputable Company

When choosing a container trucking company, ensure that it’s nationally or internationally recognized. The good thing is that you can use numerous search options available on the web. Check their reviews, testimonials, and safety records. You can even speak to your friends and colleagues in the shipping industry and enquire about a few reputable companies.

There’s no harm going a step further and speak to a past client to get a general idea of the quality offered by a specific commercial logistic company. Investigate how they handle the equipment. A company that does not maintain its fleet is likely to have delays. Equipment handling is very important if you deal with perishable goods. For instance, faulty refrigeration compartment can destroy your shipment. While some container trucking companies may cover this damage, it could end up destroying your reputation.

2. Licenses and Insurance

It’s important to check the documentation of the company, including licensing and insurance, especially if you deal with special cargo such as chemicals and hazardous materials. Doing due diligence ensures the company can meet all your transportation need in all regions involved. If you are not well versed with the regulatory requirements of a certain region, you should contact the relevant authorities.

3. Expertise

You should only involve the services of container trucking companies that have expertise in dealing with the type of cargo you are shipping. Their containers should be suitable for packing your products. For instance perishable goods such as flowers require refrigerated containers that feature temperature control system. An open rack container is an ideal choice for transporting machinery.

4. Consider Cost

The price is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a transport company. Go for a logistic company that offers reasonable charges for customized services. Most container trucking companies offer free quotes for their companies. Price may vary significantly from one company to another depending on several factors, including container size. There are four standard sizes of containers, 20, 40, 45, and 53 feet. Do not hesitate to give the company a call. Before you settle on one company compare price quotations from different companies. Also consider their services vis-a-vis the prices.

5. Tracking

A suitable company will allow cargo owners to track their shipment. Also, they allow customers to access truck content in real-time through a proprietary database. Here is the point. Enquire from the company how their cargo monitoring system works and how you can access the data.

6. Types of Truck

There are different trucks out there. It is imperative to choose the most suitable for your transportation needs. First, there is Reefer or refrigerated trucks. These are temperature controlled trucks that keep your goods frozen or cool during shipping. It can also keep the items warm during winter.

Multiple temperature control trucks are refrigerated or heated. They have several compartments, each with distinct temperature control. These trucks can transport different items, including foods, fruits, and beverages at the same time. Lastly, we have double drop or specialized flatbed trailers. These trucks are used to transit oversized or overweight cargo. Regardless of the type of business you engage in, you are assured of getting an ideal truck to transport your cargo.

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