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Saul Mater

Saul Mater

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Site Ownership Bio: Hello, lovelies. I am Saul Mater, the publicity director of Fox Business Radio, and my blog means business. I have worked in many corners of the business world over the years and I’m pleased to bring my findings and my mental gymnastics right into your computer parlor.

I started my career as a business guru when I was a lowly shoe polish boy at my local aeroport. Day after day, I shone the shoes of my betters with a gleam in my eye and a polish rag between my teeth. It got to be where I could make a shoe sparkle just by blowing on it. One fateful day a wealthy and successful business talk radio host showed up at my shoeshine station. He said he liked my spirit, and he tipped me with a solid gold coin and an invitation to his elite business think tank cabal. In those shadowy hallowed halls cloudy with cigar smoke and secret dealings I learned to ply my trade in the dark arts of business analysis. Now you can profit from the astute perceptions of myself and my colleagues here at Fox Business Radio!