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Are You Prepared to Prevent Fraud and Detect It?

In 2017, there was a median loss of $1,185,990 for health care fraud offenses. Per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in 2016 health care spending reached $3.3 trillion. It was also estimated that hundreds of billions of dollars were also lost to health care fraud annually. Is your medical practice prepared to handle health care fraud prevention and detection? Do you know the first steps to take? Do you recognize the different options you have to detect fraud? You need a fraud and abuse management system in place that utilizes healthcare fraud software.

How Does Healthcare Fraud Happen?

Healthcare fraud occurs when an individual that is insured, or a provider of health care, offers misleading or false information to insurance companies so the health insurance company will pay for benefits that are unauthorized to said policyholder, party, individual or health care provider. As a medical care employer, you may experience both or one of those insta (more…)

Nov 06 2019

Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities that Come with a Multi-Generational Workplace

The modern workplace is constantly changing, bringing new challenges for employers, job seekers, and even recruiting agencies. Often overlooked is the impact of changing attitudes and culture. The implications are more significant now with the diverse and multi-generational workforce.

Millennials are expected to make the largest group in the U.S labor force. Generation Z is already getting into the workplace and currently constitutes 5%. There are five generations working shoulder to shoulder in the modern office.

Organizations expect employees to demonstrate a capacity for teamwork, productivity and have good communication skills. However, with more organizations embracing diversity, job seekers and employers have to contend with several challenges. Here is what companies looking for staff and those who need help finding work from job agencies need to know.

Work Place Culture and Norms

Formal employment today has changed significantly from what i (more…)

Nov 06 2019