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Cargo Securement What You Need to Know

Are you running or intending to venture into the transportation business? Well, securing loads should be your top priority. It enhances the safety of the goods you’re transporting thus boosting your business success.

If you don’t secure the cargo properly, it may fall leading to damages. At times, the falling cargo may hurt or kill a person. You don’t want this to happen. That’s why you should invest in quality heavy-duty trailer door straps to secure your cargo.

As a transportation firm, you’ll not only secure cargo when in transit. The same should apply when you’re lifting the load especially during the loading and off-loading sessions.

Well, the alloy steel chain slings play a vital role in rigging products. Their adaptability, sturdiness, safety, and longevity make them ideal for lifting huge loads. They’re typically used in vigorous functions.

For instance, heavy-duty trailer door straps help keep the load secure. You can also use them to lift hot materials or overhead lifting. According to OSHA, you should use grade 100 steel chain slings for overhead lifting.

If using an alloy steel chain, it will stretch when you overload. However, this doesn’t make them unsafe. If possible, buy the heavy-duty trailer door straps from a certified seller rather than a hardware store. That’s because the latter may prove to be dangerous.

Well, the chain sling parts aren’t susceptible to oil, dirt, and grease. The flexibility makes them strong enough to withstand any temperature, impact, UV rays, and exposure to chemicals.

When shopping for chain slings, you’ll come across four-leg slings, three-leg slings, two-leg slings, and single-leg slings. You can use them in a choker, basket, or vertical hitches with a collection of hooks.

The following are the main factors to consider when selecting rigging products. Be sure to follow them for quality results.

1. The Strength and Weight of Your Load

Do you know the weight and strength of your load? If the load is flexible or fragile, it may fall leading to breakages.

You should also note that sudden shocks may damage heavy-duty trailer door straps. Further, misusing the slings will also destroy the chains. The effects will be sling failure and injury to the workers. Statistics show that falls are the leading cause of deaths in the construction industry.

2. Consider the Center of Gravity

Do you know the load’s center of gravity? If you don’t, how will you position the slings correctly?

The lifting hook should be directly over your center of gravity. If this doesn’t happen, the load will continue leaning until its center of gravity is directly below the lifting hook. The sling you choose should make room for this adjustment without wearing out.

3. Check the Working Load Limit

The total ratings of the chains and straps should equal or exceed half of the load’s weight. For instance, if you’re transporting a 50,000 pounds cargo, all the tie-downs must be 25,000 pounds or more.

The WWL on your heavy-duty trailer door straps should be clear, visible, and readable. On chains, the manufacturer will cast the WLL mark on every foot. This makes it easier for you to fasten your cargo accordingly allowing it to reach safely to your destination.

However, if you’re using an old or rusty chain, the WLL will not be clear. With this, you’ll not be able to ascertain its working load limit.

Heavy loads of 10,000 pounds or more require a direct tie-down. Further, a minimum of four straps per load is recommended. But if you want, you can use more than four straps.


Choosing a dependable cable and rigging products is critical for safe completion of a task. The heavy-duty trailer door straps undergo severe wear and tear daily. As such, ensure the safety straps which you choose are in their best working condition. After making the purchase, perform routine maintenance checks to ensure they’re safe for use.

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