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Dry Ice Blasting Produces Significantly Reduce Cleaning Times

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

In the medical industry, however, cleanliness is also next to healing, recuperation, and life.

Having a clean environment is essential in many places and situations. No where is it more important, though, than in the various medical platforms. From hospitals surgery arenas to pharmaceutical testing labs, there are a number of times when cleanliness not only helps patients feel better, but also can be the difference between life and death. You only need to watch the process of both surgeons and pharmaceutical technicians suiting up for their jobs to understand the importance of a sterile environment.

If surgeons and lab technicians are sterile and a room is not, however, cleanliness is in jeopardy. For this reason the medical industries have often lead the way in creating processes that can clean and sterilize nearly any surface. From dry ice blasting surfaces and machines to Co2 cleaning services for large spaces, there are a number of procedures that are so effective that they are in incorporated in places as diverse as NASA and chemistry labs to food testing and production facilities. And while many of these dry ice blasting techniques may have first been developed for a specific industry, if they are effective enough they were adopted by various other industries as well.

Clean and Sterile Environments Are an Important Part of Many Industries
The first patent regarding dry-ice technology was issued in 1947, but this process is still an important part of a variety of work environments. At -109 degrees Fahrenheit, dry ice is extremely cold, so when it is exposed to warmer temperatures, it instantly changes from a solid into a gas. One of the reasons that cleaning with dry ice is so popular is that not only is the process very effective, it is also very efficient. In fact, medical device manufacturers have discovered that cleaning with dry ice can reduce cleaning time by as much as 75%. In places like hospital surgery rooms, this efficiency can help immediately prepare an environment for one surgery after another.

In addition to its efficiency and effectiveness, the dry icing blasting process is also 100% ecologically safe, a comfort after decades of harsh, toxic cleaning chemicals being used in a number of environments.

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