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Five Reasons to Use School Portables

School portables can be a great way of increasing space at low cost. Portable wood buildings and other forms of school portables offer a real, long-term solution to managing growth while keeping costs to a minimum. Here’s why school portables could help your school:

  1. School portables can go up very quickly. modular buildings can be built with a minimum of time and effort, and anything that can be built quickly can be built far more cheaply. Modular homes, for example, are often constructed in a factory in just one or two weeks. With a manufactured assembly it is usually possible to put together in a fifth of the time that it costs to build something with traditional materials on-site. This not only saves money, but it also allows your school to throw up a suitable building even on very short notice. In fact, while precise times will vary depending on particular project needs, many modular buildings can be built, delivered, and set up in as little as 12 weeks. This speed can be invaluable under certain situations.
  2. A portable building is economical. There is a huge economic difference between school portables and building on-site classrooms. Portable classrooms are typically only 36% to 77% of the cost of a classroom addition. Manufactured buildings use far fewer materials, take less time to make, and generate between 35% and 40% less waste to be cleaned up.
  3. A portable building can be moved around. One of the great benefits of modular buildings is that they are portable. Not only does this mean they can be brought to you, but they can also move as you do. If you’re a private school that has bought a new property and is moving out, you can take your school portables with you. If you put in a school portable and find out later that a different area of your property would be more suitable for that building, it is possible to move it. It’s also possible to build on to a modular structure to make it larger or give it a different design.
  4. School portables are increasingly popular. Recent surveys have shown that 31% of all schools have temporary buildings of some kind, and when asked why they had ordered school portables, 35% of those who use them cited the speed of delivery as their primary reason for getting a modular building. Shifting enrollment requirements were the main reason that 26% of schools got a portable building, and 25% invested in school portables because of lower costs compared to traditional on-site classroom construction.
  5. What about the children? How do children feel about school portables? The truth is, that for many children learning in school portables is an exciting and special feeling. The sense of being independent from the rest of the school can increase classroom community, and there is generally more space for the students than in the crowded halls of the school. It also gives the children who use school portables a chance to be outside a bit more, and learning can take place in a quieter environment disconnected from the noise of the larger school. School portables can be outfitted with all the same HVAC systems computers and other necessities to ensure that students are at no educational disadvantage compared to those in other buildings.

School portables can be a great answer to enrollment fluctuations, economic concerns, and other factors that require schools to be flexible. They can be put up quickly, they are relatively inexpensive, they are portable, and more and more schools are turning to them as an efficient and cost-effective answer to their needs.

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