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For Fire Safety, Prevention is the Key

Fire protection services

Fire safety is a major concern for owners and mangers of restaurants, apartment and condo complexes, office buildings and other large public spaces. Such facilities are vulnerable to fire and the risk of damage and injuries is high. Such risks can be minimized through fire safety measures that use a combination of strategies including fire warning and suppressant systems. Where fire protection services are concerned, prevention is the best policy.

How safe is that building?
Large public use buildings like hotels and motels, hospitals, warehouses and data centers are especially vulnerable to fire hazards. In fact there are four types of facilities that account for half of all high rise fires. These are apartment complexes, hotel buildings, offices and hospitals and healthcare facilities. Each year, hotel fires are responsible for 15 deaths and 150 injuries. With just a little planning and implementation of fire safety measures, these can be avoided.
Warehouses and data centers are also highly vulnerable to fire risks, and face enormous damages in case fire does break out. However, fire safety measures can significantly reduce the risks. Preventive measures over the past thirty years have drastically reduced the incidence of warehouse fires, from high of 4,700 in 1980 to 1,200 in 2011.
Does your building have a fire safety policy?
Owners and mangers of high rise buildings like apartments and condos, hotels and motels, restaurants and shopping complexes, and hospitals should work in conjunction with fire protection services to ensure the maximum safety for their properties and the inhabitants. A combination of different types of fire protection services should be used, like fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and fire suppression systems.
To prevent or minimize a fire and to avoid loss of property and life, fire protection companies offer consultation and fire protection services. This helps to put in place safety measures that have proven their worth over the years. Used in combination, automatic sprinklers and early warning systems have been shown to halve overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage. Regular fire alarm inspections are essential to maintaining fire safety.

Fire safety preparedness
Professional fire protection services can offer the best advice, materials and plans for overall fire safety. From installation to maintenance to repair, it’s best to leave fire preparedness to the professionals. Regular inspections and training of staff and personnel as well as fire drills can make all the difference.

Fire protection services can help property owners and managers to maintain safety in high rise buildings. While such buildings, due their structure and use, are especially susceptible to fire hazards, such risks can be minimized and contained with sound planning and implementing of fire safety measures.

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