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Improve Your Steel Melting Processes with an Induction Furnace

Steel melting is a vital part of many different industries. Approximately 13% of steel used worldwide is used within the automotive industry, other industries use even more. Is your steel melting process the best it could be? Are you using outdated processes? Commonly, electric arc furnaces are used in the steel industry. However, it has become increasingly apparent that an induction furnace can improve products and processes.

There are basically two types of induction furnaces, channel furnaces and coreless furnaces. Both types rely on currents that alternate to create the necessary heat need to melt metal. Of course, this covers steel melting. The one thing that remains clear when decided whether to us an electric arc furnace or an induction forging furnace, an induction furnace is far superior for steel melting and mixing properties. Basically, this is due to the shallow and wide shape of an induction furnace.

The Beneficial Properties of Induction Furnaces

There are many benefits when it comes to using induction heating equipment such as a furnace. This type of heating furnace is cleaner and emits fewer pollutants and particles into the air. This all adds up to a safer and cleaner steel melting work environment.

The process for refining is also a lot smoother with an induction melting furnace. Eddy currents are known for superior mixing. This type of refining process helps the melting move along more smoothly too. This gives metal companies in any industry the opportunity to achieve, clean, tough and clean steel castings easily.

Induction furnace manufacturers are always ready to assist companies when it comes to finding new or refurbished induction equipment that helps them produce a higher quality of steel for their products. Integrate faster and more efficient operation using induction furnace technology which can save your business time and money while increasing parts that are mass-produced for a single production run.

Show That Your Company Cares About Saving Energy

When it comes to showing that your company cares about the environment, lower your carbon footprint by using less energy. That is exactly what induction melting is all about. This will also lower your operating costs so your business stays strong. Produce quality steel that does not contain any contaminants or any impurities since the metal you produce will not come into contact with heating elements.

What Industries Benefit from Induction Furnaces?

Induction furnaces for steel achieve an accurate and precise temperature for molten metals like steel. This type of furnace is the ideal solution for businesses that create quality parts in the engineering, automotive and aerospace industries. The utilization of technology in the induction melting field gives manufacturers the ability to produce more high-tech, reliable parts. Other advantages include a decrease in injuries at the workplace as well as the reduction of pollutants and emissions. Have an induction furnace custom designed or refurbished for your specific melting applications.

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