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Improving Relations with Customers Over the Phone

Any business thrives on multiple moving parts, from having desirable and relevant products or services for a good price, a strong marketing presence, skilled leadership, and motivated workers. One particular aspect of business that can boost performance is the work done at a customer call center. Reaching out to new and existing customers alike, whether they are ordinary people or other businesses, is what can really make a business take off. A good call center has workers with certain strategies and skills in mind, and outbound sales calls and a direct response call center can be valuable assets.

The Power of Customer Service

A performance marketing group may easily determine that customer relations are not something to take lightly. Inbound sales calls from a customer call center have great power, more than some people may realize. It is not just billboards and flyers that can promote a company’s business to customers; the phone, with person to person speech, is a great tool to use.

Many statistics highlight the strength of personal calls. In fact, it has been estimated that some $1 trillion in consumer spending was a direct result of calls that businesses placed, making it an integral part of the sales funnel. To back that up, it has been found that customers find the sales experience (and the conversation with the sales professional) more important than price 64% of the time. Businesses realize this, too; 72% of companies have stated that their top priority is boosting customer service quality, and similarly, around 62% of companies believe that the experience delivered by their customer call center is a differentiator in competition.

Quality of customer treatment is important not only for a given sale, but for establishing repeat and regular customers, which can be the lifeblood of a company, and businesses know that. Estimates show that on average, it is 25 times more expensive to bring in a new customer than to reach out to an existing one, and a study by Bain and Company showed that if customer retention rates are increased by just 5%, then profits can increase anywhere from 25% to 95%.

Customer Call Center Tactics

Inbound sales calls or a customer service call center, or anything in between, can be based on tried and true general strategies by employees. For one thing, the callers should know their audience; their general demographic, their budget, their taste and needs in products and services, and their attitude toward purchases. Also, the caller can give a patient, friendly, and caring aura while calling to set the customer at ease, especially if making a first impression. After all, nearly everyone naturally wants a positive interaction with others and feel valued as a person, even in something as typically rigid and professional as a sales call. This helps the caller establish a rapport with the customer, and the customer can do the same.

The caller can explain the perks and value of their item or service for sale in a concise, vivid, and positive manner to quickly show why it is so desirable, and this can be tailored to the customer to some extent based on the established rapport. What is more, the caller should be patient and listen closely whenever the customer speaks, and acknowledge and work with whatever the customer says and never interrupt them. The caller should also thank the customer for his or her purchase and make the customer want to buy from them again.

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