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Keeping Construction Workers Safe

Crain training

A job in the construction industry can be deeply satisfying and greatly rewarding, but it can also be extremely dangerous. In 2011 more than 4,000 construction workers were killed on the job, that is more fatal injuries than any other industry. The leading causes of these deaths were electrocutions, being struck by objects due to improper material handling, getting caught in between two objects, and falls. But despite this morose record, construction work can be made safer.

The use of construction safety courses
and safety training is invaluable for those individuals on the job. These courses can handle everything from crane safety, which improves workers ability to safely use cranes for material handling and movement; to fall arrest training, which is designed to limit the injury that an individual sustains after a fall; to proper techniques for material handling, which shows individuals how to move and place construction materials without harming others.

These courses are particularly important because oftentimes a fatal injury is due to several individuals acting incorrectly. By having everyone on the job site better trained, hopefully there will be safety synergies which will allow the entire site to be a safer place for all workers, even those who did not take the safety courses or those doing actions that were not covered by the training. Continue your research here:

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