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Most Of Your Customers Don’t Stumble Upon Your Business Five Tips To Get Your Business Signage Right

People usually don’t find your business by happenstance. They find your business because you reach out to them.

While you can always count on word-of-mouth or chance to provide you an extra boost, you can’t sustain yourself on such an unpredictable metric. Steady business is the only way to keep you afloat and it’s this logic that spurs the development of smart signage. From digital LED sign boards for schools to electronic signs for businesses, it’s all a matter of being proactive. When’s the last time you looked at the location of your sign and how it correlates to foot traffic? Are you worried that your sign can look out of date?

While it can all seem complicated at a glance, signs are just like any other part of your business. Break things down into bite-sized pieces with the list below so you can start reaping benefits today.

It’s All About The Location

This logic doesn’t just apply to real estate. Choosing a smart location to place your electronic signs for businesses will go a long way in cultivating impressive ROI. An interesting survey found nearly 20% of Best Buy’s walk-in customers checked out the store because of the sign alone. In fact, up to 35% of today’s general customers wouldn’t have even found the store if not for the sign. Imagine how many more curious onlookers you could be inviting over by making this simple, yet powerful adjustment.

Keep Things As Simple As Possible

When it comes to the design and presentation of your sign, it’s better to keep things simple. Anything too cluttered or flashy can run the risk of turning customers off instead of inspiring curiosity. The value of an on-site sign has been proven to give you the same revenue as 24 full-page newspaper advertisements in a year’s time. Enjoying these benefits means choosing a logo or design that’s simple, yet striking. Choose no more than three colors and make sure your brand’s intent is clear so your customers can get a lot with very little.

The More Signs, The Better

It’s not just large full color LED signs you should be looking into. Additional signs nearby can do a lot to help redirect signs to your place of business and keep things flowing. Around 85% of a business’s customers will either live or work within a five-mile radius of its location, which is a pretty good metric to judge your future success by. A recent study found either adding or changing a sign will directly improve sales revenue — swapping your front wall sign with a larger one can boost revenue by 8% or more. Signs, at the end of the day, are your proverbial handshake.

Electronic LED Signs Are Rising In Popularity

If you haven’t already considered electronic signs for business, now’s a good time to make the switch. Once 2019 comes to a close it’s expected LED signs will achieve a 50% penetration of the global lighting market. Not only are LED lights more eco-friendly (providing more light for less power), they’re incredibly attractive and can go a long way in making your business look more modern. A recent study found 70% of people frequently look at the messages on roadside billboards — digital and traditional — while driving. What are you telling your future customers?

Make Sure Your Sign Is Clean, Bright, And Attractive

You know you need to double-check your location to make sure you’re enjoying steady foot traffic. You’re considering changing your logo to better reflect your business’s intent. Now it comes down to general maintenance. Taking good care of your electronic signs for businesses will make or break whether you get that coveted repeat customer base. Make sure they’re free from dirt, debris, and dust as frequently as possible — any lights that are flickering out should be replaced at the nearest opportunity.

Don’t rely on chance to dictate your future. Look into LED signs for businesses and outdoor church signs to bring people in.

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