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Natural Gas Continues to be a Viable Energy Source for Many Homes and Businesses

Energy sources continue to be a challenge for many parts of the world, as well as the U.S. As Americans struggle to find the cleanest, most efficient source of energy, scientists and researchers continue to investigate the use of current and future power sources that can make our lives comfortable, while at the same time environmentally friendly. As a result of this research, time and time again natural gas continues to be a viable option for many homes, offices, and factories.

Disposable calibration gas references and sensors continue to serve as one of the most viable ways to read, rate, and regulate the environmental gas standards that serve as important goals. In fact, disposable calibration gas suppliers continue to lead their industry in creating safe, clean, efficient energy sources in many settings.

Suppliers for Disposable Calibration Gas Cylinders Play Important Roles in the Progress of the Nation

Business safety managers and industrial health and hygiene supervisors alike help make decisions about the kind of energy sources that are used or how those sources are checked and maintained. Following local and national mandates these managers and leaders are responsible for laboratories, confined space entries, and other locations. With a team of technicians, chemists, chemical engineers, and other trained professionals, supervisors work around the clock to check safety levels, as well as efficiency readings. Understanding the latest safety features, in fact, helps make sure that work and production spaces are as safe as possible.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that disposable calibration gas suppliers impact many of the industries that we rely on every day:

  • One of the best advantages about the use of natural gas in U.S. businesses and homes is that they resource can achieve 92% energy efficiency.
  • The latest research indicates that 25% of all primary energy used in the U.S. is natural gas.
  • As many as 66.7 million homes in America are powered by natural gas
  • In addition, 5.4 million American businesses are powered by natural gas.
  • The average home in America uses up to 196 cubic feet of natural gas every day.
  • Scientific studies show that Natural gas emits 52% to 56% less greenhouse gas (GHG) than coal to create the same amount of energy. This is possible because of natural gas’s higher efficiency combined cycle generation.
  • 83% of natural gas comes from conventional reservoirs.
  • Predicted to overtake the demand for coal by the year 2030, the global market demand for gas increases by 2% every year.
  • The natural gas industry supports the employment of nearly 3 million workers in the U.S.

A small company in a pond of big companies can still offer all the benefits of going with a larger provider, so it should come as no surprise that many home and business owners like the convenience of working with a local natural gas supplier. Knowing that you are only one of a few hundred customers who need support with a problem is often a draw to these local business arrangements. As more and more people and businesses realize the advantage of natural gas as a major resource, it is important to make sure that you are working with a supplier who can answer your questions and respond to your emergencies.

Responsible and efficient energy resources will continue to be an important factor in the future. As more and more consumers work to more intentionally make choices about how they heat and cool their homes, as well as how they power their car, it should come as no surprise that the development of energy sources will become more and more important. As the nation reconsiders the pollution that is part of some of the nation’s energy sources, there are many who feel that natural gas will continue to be one of the most viable options. Whether you are looking at building a new home or office space or you are considering upcoming renovations to an existing property, there are many choices that are available. Making the right decision about the renewable energy options that are available can to only help you save money, but also help save the planet as well. Today’s choices determine tomorrow’s options.

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