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Over 75% Of Consumers Visit Unfamiliar Stores Based On Signage Alone Is Your On-Site Sign Holding Up?

A powerful sign is the best thing a modern business can do to pull in customers. How so?

Without a communicative sign you run the risk of turning customers away to the competition. Without a sign put in a smart location you can make it difficult for newcomers to find your place of business. Slowly, but surely, your physical sign presence creates a solid first impression that translates into a future sale. Local sign companies are well aware of the challenges faced by business in today’s tough times. Your outdoor signs may look decent on the surface, but there’s no harm in giving them another look.

Signs for businesses should do it all. Here are the top five things your signs should be doing at all times.

Customers Are Bombarded With Advertisements Every Day

This fact may be simple, but it’s always reiterating. Customers have to constantly sift through local signs, massive billboards, and digital marketing every single day. Being aware of the competition will make your future redesign decisions smarter than if you went in without a clue. On average consumers will see the same business sign between 50 and 70 times per month if they live within a five-mile radius. Imagine how you can redirect essential foot traffic to your place of business with an adjustment to your sign’s location.

On-Site Signage Makes The Most Out Of Foot Traffic

As explored above, foot traffic is an essential part of any physical business. You’re always looking for ways to turn that casual browser into a new visitor, then that new visitor into a repeat customer. A recent study found 50% of in-store shoppers siting on-site signage as the primary reason for their visit. Putting this sign in a good location is important, as you can risk turning customers off if it’s too far away and threatens to waste their gas. Another study saw 60% of consumers reporting a lack of signage deterred them from entering a business.

Save Money On Marketing With On-Site Signs That Work

Your marketing budget is no doubt one of your biggest concerns. How can you make sure you’re investing the right amount of money to get your business the best ROI? How do you know whether or not your marketing tactics are actually working in the short-term? On-site signage kills two birds with one stone by not just helping customers find your store, but reducing the amount of work you put into outreach. Just one or two cleverly designed signs can save you hundreds compared to expensive newspaper advertisements and commercials.

Effective Signs Make Sure Customers Reflect Positively On Your Business

Put yourself into a customer’s shoes. A sign that looks outdated or doesn’t communicate your business’s intent is a sign that’s better off not existing. That’s because customers today will judge your brand in just a few seconds, with first impressions much more powerful than following impressions. A survey asking customers their thoughts on today’s businesses saw 65% stating a business sign’s quality affected their purchases. What are your custom signs telling your customers…and what aren’t they telling their customers?

Local Sign Companies Can Craft The Best Sign You’ve Had Yet

You don’t have to attempt this juggling act all by yourself. Local sign companies have the resources and know-how to get your business’s marketing presence into a much better place. Today 75% of consumers will enter an unfamiliar store based purely on compelling signage…which means your success hovers significantly on your commercial signs. Talking with a professional about business signs can clear up any issues you have about location, design, or style. Your return on the investment will follow suit.

Reel in customers with a tried-and-tre method. See what local sign companies can do to give your brand a leg up this year.

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